Juliana (wip) - Female Anatomy Study

Hello everybody,

This is my first post here, so I hope you like it!! =)
This is a personal project that I’ve been working in my free time to study anatomy.
You can find the model at 3dsk.com, and her name is Juliana.
It is a working in progress. I hope to post here soon the final image.

Renato Eiras




She looks really good. Good job.

I agree, She looks natural. cool study.

i think her shoulders are a bit too wide and her head is too big (or the neck is too long not sure)
looking good though!

Thanks guys, I’ll keep working on her…I’ll try to fix the proportions for the next post!!

Looks great to me. Only thing that bothers me is where her bottom meets her leg. The shadow on the side on view makes it look like it meets the leg funny. But that is a very minor nitpick, and it could be lighting.

Thanks Gordon for the critique. I’m still working on her, so I can double check this area. Thanks guys!!