Joseph Drust Riot Games Recap - UPDATE! Part 3

Wow! Awesome tricks, thanks you all!

awesome tutorial… helpful tricks and tips…

One question:
How can I remember which subtool is visible and which one is invisible? Because may be in some cases it may happen that after saving T-pose data into my disk I would continue my work in the original mesh and after long time I need to load the T-pose data to apply. Cause I have seen only the t-pose data could be applied on the same number and same amount of polygonal objects…

Thanks once again :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s very frustrating that this (and some other things) don’t work in the Mac version. Mac Zbrush files don’t even have a proper icon. The Mac version feels like an after-thought sometimes… Please fix it, Pixologic!

Lots of other great tips here though. Thank you for sharing, Joseph & Pixologic!

That last one using micro mesh was great! Thank you!


nice work!!!:wink:

As long as the subtools that you posed are visible Transpose Master will work OK. Any subtools that are visible that were not posed will be skipped with a ‘No matching data’ message.

However, you can use the TimeLine to store visible/invisible subtools. So long as you save the project (press File>Save As) the TimeLine will be saved too:

  1. Press Movie>TimeLine>Show to show the TimeLine.
  2. In the Movie>TimeLine Tracks sub-palette click the Enable button and then turn on SubTool & Tool.
  3. Click on the track to save the current subtool view.
  4. Use the right and left arrow keys to switch between views.

Thanks JD.
Unfortunately the folder alias doesnt show up in Lightbox on Mac versions.

Any solution fix?
please let me know.

Last one helped a lot. Thanks Pixologic!

Thanks Joseph Drust for taking the time to make this! And Pixologic for having such a great learning resource here on ZbrushCentral!

Thanks Joseph for sharing this with us,super cool tricks

While it may not work as Joseph is describing on Windows, there is a way to get it to work on OSX. I posted about this in another thread a while back. Have a look http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?177749-Add-a-new-folder-in-LightBox&p=1018510&viewfull=1#post1018510.

This is a goldmine! Thanks so much.

Excellent, I´ll try this solution for mac users :smiley: Thanks for the hint!

Truly fantastic! I am excited to see what will come with a new release of Zbrush :smiley:

Most excellent, Joseph.
It might not be as exciting as monster sculpt time lapses, but these are the peculiar and fiddly parts of ZBrush where tips go a long way.
Just the right amount of info, length, and bonus points for a good recording with an even voice and no coughing in the mic.

Thanks Joseph and Pixologic, some of the most informative videos posted yet.

I really enjoyed the variety here. From simple workflow solutions to complex IMM tips. I really like that last one in the third video on creating complex & torn cloth textures in your geometry. Very cool!

awesome !!!

this stuff is really great!!

The linked shortcuts aren’t working for me on the Mac.

I notice the title of these videos is “ZClassroom” but if I go to the ZClassroom webpage I can’t find these videos. It would be good if they could be added, that way it makes them easier to find.

A quicker way to clear out the Tool Palette is to hit the tiny little “R” button. It will remove everything except the currently selected tool.