John's Speedsculpt crunchbook

He started as a 2 hr speedsculpt, but I ended up spending about 6 hours on him. His hands are a bit wonkey… :cool:

you did this in 6 hr??? Woow.great piece of work man. love it.;):wink:

thanks, I did start with a basemesh so it went quick, and yeh the hands I didnt get much love at all. :wink:

good work

Another speedsculpt from spitsculpt group. 50min for sculpt and texturing.

heres the timelapse -


You rock John :+1:

thanks Cyrille, u too mate.

Another speedsculpt for the spitsculpt group. around 50min for sculpt and texturing, bpr render.
Original concept by ramenramen(http://ramenramen.deviantart.com/art/Tolk-316918982).



awesome. i like the texture down the center of the head.

thanks grimjaws.
heres another speedsculpt. The Shadow. around 45min

Had a bit more time for her, 3.5hrs.

Heres a breakdown.



fun little speedsculpt, around an hour.
Original concept by Michael Gravemann mitchgrave.deviantart.com/


Daily Speedsculpt. around 60min for the sculpt. a bit longer for the render.


Daily spitsculpt group topic was Starcraft. Around 50min from Zpsheres.
Clay render
textured version bpr render



50min faily speedsculpt.

Timelapse ->

Fat Flash :slight_smile: 40min




Sharing some of the little tricks I use when doing speedsculpting by using zshperes to create a nice basemesh.

Enjoy and please share the video if you liked it.

0:00 - 01:28 Intro and my custom zbrush interface
01:28 - 05:13 ZSphere general intro
05:13 - 11:45 Watto ZSphere walkthrough
11:45 - 14:25 Checking and making the adaptive skin for sculpting
14:25 - 18:02 Sculpting tips with adaptive skin and subdiv trick for the head. *Super Awesome Secret trick here
18:02 - End Timalpse of the entire zsphere setup.


Here is the Watto sculpt from the Zsphere tut I posted yesterday, took about 3 hours.
Then I spent another 3 hours retopoing and rendering in Maya.

3hr sculpt from the weekend.
Revy from Back Lagoon.