Issue with using iPad tablet apps (Easy Canvas, Duet, etc.) in 2021 that didn't happen with 2020


I use my iPad Pro as a tablet with apps like Easy Canvas and Duet Display, and I have never had any issues until I installed 2021.

Using the Apple pencil on the Move, Scroll, Zoom, and Rotate buttons does not work anymore. The only button that responds is zoom, but it only responds to tapping for small zoom increments (only zooming in).

The problem is reproducible across both Easy Canvas and Duet Display. These functions all still work fine in the viewport navigation (drag for rotate, hold alt to Scroll, release alt to zoom).

Hope this info helps!

Hello @Bobby_Goldner

Please contact Pixologic Support for technical issues with the software. Reporting an problem on the community forums will not get your issue technical attention.

Good luck!

Thanks! I thought I was in the right place. I’ll contact them directly. :slight_smile:

Did you get this sorted?

I’m having the same issue on the Dell Canvas. Seeing the same issue reported regarding Xpen displays…

Hello @Robert_Z

According to this Support article, the most common culprit for tablet issues with 2021 on the Windows platform has been Windows Ink. It’s recommended to disable this if you experience any kind of issues.

Otherwise, please contact Pixologic Support.

Good luck!

Unfortunately, not @Robert_Z. I have to download a diagnostic tool for support to look into it, and I haven’t had a chance yet. I’ll update you if I get anywhere!

@Robert_Z, the new 2021.1 update fixed the issue. :slight_smile: