Is using photo sources as textures cheating ?

Im new to 3D modeling and i haven’t been able to find an answer to this questiom, i dont know how to make textures, should i just keep my models the standard grey ?

Im running a 32bit fossil so painting options are pretty limited

Thanks for any help

This is just my opinion, but the short answer would be no.

Unless you are specifically in some kind of contest that prohibits photo textures, or have a client that is asking for no photo textures, then this is art. There is no cheating in art. In my opinion, it’s all about the final results and not the process. Otherwise, we would still be stuck in the stone age in just about every area.

If it’s a tool that you can use, and it helps with what you are trying to do, then I’d say it’s just as valid as any other tool in creating what you are after.

Absolutely not cheating. Some of the best work out there has been due to used in Real Life photography as textures. But there’s also real good artists out there that can mimic real life.