Is it possible to sculpt in Sculptris from facial photos?

Hi everyone,

I am searching for videos on how to sculpt from certain photos but can’t find out how to import a photo as reference in background to work from. Is this possible in Sculptris? One can do this in Blender and other 3D programs.

I have tried to use a photo from a ventriloquest puppet with a program called FaceGen to use that on the Genesis characters in Daz Studio but the results are pretty awful. Then I thought best will be to make my own ‘standalone’ character but I have zero experience in doing modeling!

Attached is a sample image of such a puppet to give you an idea of what I want to achieve. I have also added the Daz Studio one of the image used but clearly not what I am after. I had to do lots of painting and extra drawing for the puppet to get the look in DS. The sailor puppet was used in FaceGen. 3rd image added as extra example.

Thus, how can I get such a result in Sculptris?

Thank you for any advice! :slight_smile:



Capture - ventriloquest puppet face on Genesis in Daz Studio 2.JPG



Yes, it’s technically possible in Sculptris. In order to replace the background image, just go into the “data” folder after opening the Sculptris Alpha 6 folder. The first file should be labeled “background”. Rename it to keep it and then rename the image that you want in there as “background”.

One more way to go about it is to download the foreground reference utility if it’s still floating around on the net somewhere.