*** Introducing ZSpheres II

It’s not completely clear to me how the muscles layer is done,it seems great!

Wow! way to go Pixologic. Love to see what kind of topology it produces painting volume directly on Zspheres. :smiley:

The wait is torturious.

Now this is why I love ZB and the good people at Pixo.:smiley:

Just when you think they surely won’t deliver anything more in the line of a FREE upgrade, they manage to astonish and surprise.:sunglasses:

Thanks guys:+1:

Now we need a new retopo tool to make those sculps clean!

if this works the way as advertised i will no longer have to use unefeied skin to get a descent armature representation looks great but confused as to how it works even after watching it…

but thanks for incorporating this looks useful if it acts like a voxel not sure yet though…:wink:

I guess my question now is this the unannounced feature that we were supposed to be hearing of in the coming weeks…


Looks awesome, but not sure how the muscle layer is done.

If this works the way I hope I may start using Zspheres

wow ! its seems very simple and very fast to build a full character .

great job Pixologic :+1:

Awesome! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: !

Pixologic rules.

just woke up, check Zbrushcentral if 3.5 had been released…and we get this…

AMAAAAAZING stuff, now I really can’t wait anymore :smiley:
absolitely blown away (my jaw actually dropped when he started layering clay onto it :smiley: )

Would be a lot more happy if standard Zspheres could handle junctions like hands with 5 fingers better. As it is now, I prefer to do my base meshes in other apps as I only have full control outside Zbrush…

Wow! That was unexpected! I had actually gone off the idea of using ZSpheres for doing anything as we weren’t always friends, or maybe just my bad technique. ZSpheres II looks awesome and has all of a sudden got my interest again. Bring on the 3.5!!!

Thank you Pixologic :smiley:

the video looks very interesting.
But I’m wondering what happens when you add/remove zspheres after adding muscles mass to it :qu:
And whats about the mesh later on in the video, where he is using the claybrush. is it generated by ZBrush or is it made by the topology tools :qu:

You can find the ZSphere Tweaks plugin with a how-to in this thread:Zscript : XYZ Adjust (rev B) …

I was expecting something like this in zbrush 4.
I love this feature and haven’t even tried it!

looks cool, cant wait to get my hands on it

Wow, simply mind blowing. Awesome model by the way.

Oh my GOD that is awesome, and no doubt will be extremely helpful. Thanks Pixologic!

oh man… so great i hardly could tell this is for real. you guys totally rock!