Interview: Mass Effect 3 (BioWare) - New images added - May 3

few more shots

Soooo Awesomee!!! Jaw dropping:eek:

What was the average polycount for the models and how long did it take to reach this level of amazing and jaw dropping detail.

getting better and better mate, really thanks to you and BioWare for sharing these beautiful character artworks!:+1:

One of my favorite games and characters and lore. Loving this thread.
Love all the characters, but I really love the Geth and Justicars the most, and I love them all. Did I say I love this thread?

Hey guys

thanks for the kind words

the polycount was varying a lot depending of the character. They vary between 7000 and 28000 tris (with props, helmet, hair etc…) and the building size ones were arround 30-40K

Thanks for the insight on the polly counts details amazing , I personally love the Ravager and Cannibal, it seems so digusting to fight Ravagers but fun to beat them and their Swarmers.

These characters are jaw dropping! The cerberus female suit is so sexy!

Thanks guys for giving shape to the characters of one of the most interesting sci-fi universe of the last decade!
In ME1 I loved the “Syd Mead” clean look of the armors, but you managed to add richness to the models in ME2 and ME3 retaining the elegant lines of the first game.
One day or another I’ll manage to join your team! :smiley:

Can you tell us how many maps did you use for the main characters, and their resolution?


That was amazing tnx :smiley:

I think that’s right!

I’m surprized, thanks!

Sweeet. I need to check out Dragon Age 2.