Inky's Sculptris Doodles (Contains Nudity)

Hello Everyone,

I guess I came late to the Sculptris game. (Missing Dr. Petter’s forum).
I have been very inspired by the software and fell in love with it.

I have done a few sculpts.

The Afro girl is something for my girlfiend, I will do a bust and a full body.
The guy is a rocker from a band of 4, and the alien was only meant to be a head, inspired from those tall aliens in that Starwars film with Boda Fet.
I’ll take them into topogun and then into Zbrush 4 and Maya.


I have to learn how to properly post in these forums.
Comments welcome. To Dr. Petter; I love your app, I hope Pixologic does it justice that it deserves.

I am loving zbrush 4 also. I wish I could clone myself.

The feet of the alien are very funny. I’d love to see texture added to the afro hair. Your rocker is excellent. I like the cheek bones, difficult to get looking right I find, spine and sticky-out navel. No nipples? Now there’s a question I thought I’d never ask. :D:+1:

I almost forgot the nipples. :smiley: For some reason I felt compel to leave the nipples for Zbrush. (I am already trying to marrying the 2 apps).
As for the Aliens’ feet, I had a 3rd toe jutting out the back, like a high heal, but I changed it, when my mind went on the idea of a ballerina.

The Afro Lady will be fully rendered, (Bust and full Body)
Do you think I should use a hair plugin or stylize it?
Thank you for you kind and inspiring words.

I’ve got to admire the perfectionism of someone who requires the full power of ZBrush to add a couple of nipples! What are you using as a reference? A picture taken with an electron microscope? :smiley:

Strangely, I did an alien with a toe like a high heel - Derrick Jelly in my Dreamz First Attempt thread. You can’t see it on the pic but you can tell he’s on tiptoe. Are we having alien premonitions?:eek:

Hmmm, the hair question. You could try both of course. Unless you stylize the head, I think a natural look would work better. Myself, I’d be tempted to put some kind of psychadelic texture in it, y’know, paisley swirls or something, because an afro always makes me think of some kind of far-out soul sister, the dancers in Jesus Christ Superstar for example.:smiley:

I’m looking forward to seeing how things develop. Happy sculpting!

You’ve mede me laugh, now my lady is looking at me like I’m crazy.
The rocker is taking from a sketch I did (I’ll post it soon), and was influenced by Axel Rose and a little Mick Jager.
No real reference for his nipples :smiley:
And the female Alien will be clothes so that only her toes would normally be seen.

I like your ideas on the hair and you hit the nail on the head with the Afro Chick. You have inspired me, Thanks.

I think if you add an extra two heads to your alien we’ll see a fair representation of dreamz’s last date from Pluto. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh ya and slime lots of slime! :cool:

Finally people with personality.:lol:
I have uploaded the original attempt at the rocker (In which I trashed). I’ll use what I did here as a base mesh. (I have done countless of quick sketches about for this guy, still trying to figure out his guitar).RazorWIP.jpg
The Group name is call CodPeace. Inspired from some old rock band from the Jetsons, the Guerrillaz, Guns’N’ Roses, and various others. I drew the templates directly in photoshop CS2 with a wacom.

I love the hair in the sketch. I never thought of that, our rocker will have hair. That will look cool.
Your latest image looks impressive, what program is the screenshot of? Try doing the guitar with Sculptris - I challenge you! Lol.

@celtic3d. Will you kindly NOT bandy my lovelife around in public like that. You know that my Plutonian beauty Ugbung broke my heart. She also broke my wrist. I slid in her slime.

Sorry InkySpot, keep up the great work! :D:+1:

Now if only I had an idea.
The program is Maya, Maya 2008 to be exact.
As far as your lovelife; Your secret is safe with us and the World wide web :wink:

i dig the afro dude, all of your stuff’s very well sculpted, very clean looking. I actually like your Sculptris more than your Zbrush stuff (of what i’ve seen). Though the ugly naked Hershey kiss is pretty funny.

hope to see more!

really Nice works …
I see that your Sculptris Screen is similar to Maya … :lol:
keep going … :slight_smile:

My sketchbook

@Fil: Thank you for your comments. The hersey kiss guy was my lady’s idea, the Strong bumpy face guy, was my first real attempt in Zbrush after trying to learn it for a few years.

With Sculptris I feel like I don’t have to prepare. I can just go in and make stuff happen, but I am trying to marry both apps. I have a few things coming that will hopefully show what I learnt from both. I hope.:smiley:

@CaptainNemo: The screen shot was Maya 2008, It was my first (and abandoned) attempt at the rocker guy. I had a brain fart and decided to recreate the character in Sculptris and I got carried away at how fast I was able to knock him out. (Next step will be Topogun, then Zbrush, then Maya, then Zbrush)
I will do his Guitar in Sculptris.
I wish my computer was more powerful (only 3 gigs).:cry:

That’s hilarious! :lol:

And you’ve got over a gigabite more than I’ve got so quit yer hollarin’ :mad:

PS. I publicly free you from the challenge to do the guitar in Sculptris! Just make it in whatever way you like. :slight_smile:

Yeah i’ve been trying to do the same thing for awhile. Bringing over simple models like heads is a snatch (simply unified skin and project), but Zbrush’s unified skin can’t capture small ligament details like fingers very well. But i’ve almost got a system down using unified skin and group loops that.

I’d appreciate if you would share any tricks you figure out with this.

@Dreamz: My lady says the same thing, but she uses a worst word than “hollarin” :smiley:
I usually do all planning on traditional paper first, Scultris will help me draw up a base prototype of the Guitar. (These guys are a distraction, but a welcome one since I am learning things).
@Fil: Your a little more advance than me, but I’ll tell you my process.
1- I sculpt it in Scuptris as far as I can take it, not worrying about too much detail.
2- I’ll then reduce the mesh so my computer don’t freak out and export the file as an OBJ.
3- I’ll then import it into Topogun (32 bit), and retop the low mesh there. I will then export that from Topogun as a obj as well as the subdivision version to capture the hi-rez detail. (Possible eport a level 4 to 5 in Topogun)
5- I will then import the quad low rez mesh in Zbrush 4, and then subvide that low rez (if it’s 4 in Topogun then sub D 5 in Zbrush).
6- I will then import the high rez sub D from topogun over the low mesh, it will tranfer the high rez detail there.
7- If the low rez it too low, I will delete level 1.
8- I will create the UV maps in Maya, and fix edgeloops if needed, and create all subtools (eyes, teeth, etc). If I can find that GoZ button in Maya :cry:
9- Add more details and posing if needed.
10- Export and Render in Maya or Photoshop.

I would not add too much geo in the fingers when remeshing in Topogun, I’ll keep it simple. I’ll do that in Maya.

This guy is going to be done in 2 parts. It will be a still peice so I modeled the expression (Roughly) in.



the last guy rocks! very nice surface quality and stylized anatomy. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: really hope you paint/detail him.

I do plan on texturing him, and so a full render.
I will be working on his body in a few hours.

lovely character InkySpot !! :laughing:
keep going on it …