I love sculptris


hope u like it ^^


haha, love the second head!, very funny yeah sculptris is really fun !

Yep agreed! Sculptris rocks!

Hopefully ZB will incorporate the awesome dynamic tesselation into a future version of itself. :)

This one I made in sculptris then finished it in ZB. I also make stuff in ZB then texture it in Sculptris’s super simple paint section.

[![Sitting Dragon 7 z11.jpg|800x800](upload://nbtIaJ6jMJfBHEZRPrEGZohl5Vs.jpeg)][](http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:zb_insimg%28%27%27,%27Sitting%20Dragon%207%20z11.jpg%27,1,0%29)


Sitting Dragon shot 1.jpg

I hope sculptris stays independant so I can continue to create my art!

I suspect they will keep a simplified version. I mean it is an excellent idea for getting beginners hooked. Then once they want more meat they can move on to Zbrush.

Actually since it has been renamed to Sculptris alpha 5 that sounds like they will add some further refinements which is also good news. Keeping a easy UI and ease of use is a good idea as well.

Btw Ed, you might want to check your image link. :slight_smile:

That second head is so cute with his freckles and little ears!

hey my first sculpt using Sculptris. So far loving sculptris. a lot of freedom.


woki 05.jpg

I hope this is a good thing for Sculptris. and it remains free. its a great alternative for those that cant afford Zbrush.

What image link :stuck_out_tongue: Actually can’t remember what image I linked to? so deleted the link the mods re-edited!

I can only see how both Zbrush and Sculptris will benefit from this joining. Zbrush get’s a excellent new sculpting approach (and team member), and Sculptris gets the professional attention i needed and deserved.

That is, if they do keep two separate apps. It makes sense to me, but you never know.

your forgetting the poor starving 3D artists and the Kids who are trying to learn… Sculptris was a great way for poorer folks to work with this kind of software without having to resort to piracy.

I am concerned this will only hurt the open source community.

Looks like Zbrush is buying out the competition.

Yes, it is :confused:

If Sculptris was ever planned to be open source i’d agree with you. But Thomas Peter made it clear (apparently) that he did not intend to continue development, and because Sculptris is free as-is, i can only see Pixologic’s future development of it a good thing.

Plus there’s always blender for the penniless :wink:

well on that note, i just noticed that Blender has released 2.53. They have updated its sculpting tools. It now feels closer to Zbrush than it did in the past. From a sculpting standpoint anyways. Still its lacking HD sculpting, Zspheres and a few other things.


A great free 3D program complete with animation tools. It just takes getting used too, as Is the GUI has been a bit of a jungle in previous versions. But those that haven’t, should check it out. It is Mac friendly I believe. :cool:

Blender - for sculpting? I simply cannot imagine this. Sorry, but I’ve installed the programme probably four times over the years and HATE its GUI. It is SO user unfriendly as far as I’m concerned… Needless to say I haven’t tried Blender for sculpting so if someone has and wishes to enlighten me please go ahead.


I agree with you on the GUI. But for the penniless what choice do we have?