how to switch back to sculpt mode?

once i go into paint mode i can’t get back into sculpt mode.

maybe i should read to documentation — but since it’s the least obvious feature of this simple and intuitive tool why not post the answer to this conundrum here.

You can’t at this point. Once you enter the paint mode, there is no going back unless you want to throw away your texture maps. If you are ok with that you can save your sculpture file, close sculptris. Re-open it and then open your file. When it prompts opening of texture data say, “no” and you will enter the modeling mode.

ok - duh i finally read the : you can’t get back notice.

why for? how weird, chalk up to alpha a guess. still if you save before you’re good.

Yeah that really perplexed me too when I tried that feature a few months ago.

It may be expensive to calculate the UV coords of a dynamically changing mesh. Just a guess.

Actually, conceptual issues and time constraints mostly.

Since UVs map geometry to specific parts of an image, I can see why they wouldn’t even try to get them to work in Sculptris. Think about it this way: if the whole topology of the mesh keeps changing, what part of your image do the new polygons get assigned to? Do you automatically leave a bunch of the image unmapped to leave room for the rest of the geometry? If so, what happens when that runs out? It’s just more bother than it’s worth to attempt UVs on the fly.
I’d like to see some sort of polypaint in Sculptris. Even that would have some serious implimentation challenges, but it seems a lot more feesable than maps.
I’m sure that Tomas and Pixolator will come up with an elegant solution for us before too long.

that does makes a certain sense Huan80, but if you’re not changing the geometry while painting, then what’s the rub with going back to sculpting? A simple disclaimer on the Q button - like “note changing the topology will destroy your uv’s, do you really wish to do this?” would suffice.

PTex might be the answer to that problem.

I think that for the sake of directing the workflow it still makes sense not to allow you to go back to sculpting after having painted the model. It’s not very intuitive, and I know that I butted my head against that limitation when I tried to paint, but I can see why they do it that way. Really, in an environment like this where topology is pracically random, I think that working in UV space doesn’t make much sense anyway. Polypainting ftw.