Hi all

Hi all I’m Phil from the UK looking to get into 3d animation etc, I’ve got zbrush and looking to make my first either animation, or landscape, so need advice as to tutorials etc,. Any help is appreciated

Hi Phil!

Start here. The “Basic Concepts” sections answers many common new user questions.

The Pixologic Classroom contains many videos documenting features. The Ask Zbrush series contains a ton of videos taken from user questions, as well as links to third party instruction if you’re interested in that. Additionally, there is a wealth of third party user tutorials posted around the web.

Understand that “3d animation” is a very broad subject, and will require you to study many general 3d subjects as well. You’ll need to understand concepts like UVs, textures, rigging and weighting. ZBrush can be a part of an animation workflow, but you’re going to need additional tools specialized in animation, and a lot of generalized 3d knowledge.