HerraPuputti´s statue

Hello. this is the first time I post my work to the forum.

I work as a photographer for a university´s newspaper, but I sometimes do some illustrations too.

Here I used Zbrush to design a fantasy statue for the university´s campus area.

The consept for the statue was Lenin, stalin eating traditional finnish black sausage while riding a horse.
In front is a finnish war hero and president called Mannerheim who is riding the horse.

The idea is based on a fictional novel where Lenin and Stalin are eating black sausages and decide that any country that has so tasty food deserves it´s independence. The story has more to it, but I won´t bore you with details :wink:

The work is meant to be a joke. There is no way there will ever be such a statue.

I fist figured the material for the statue would be stone. but for the final illustration where I attached it in to the campus I decided to use lightcap and more reflective material so it would blend with enviroment better.

I also wanted to try fibermesh so I added “real” hair in the statue even if it´s not that realistic.
I used only Zbrush and Photoshop for everything.

I also made some turntable animation. You can check it out here:





I decited to add some old works.

The first one was a newspaper illustration for a story about hypermedia project.
It was my first finnished illustration with Zbrush back in 2010.
In one quete a scientist told we could have computer in our coffee mugs.
(It was only a example) Some I decited to make illustration of a alien from the future with a
coffee mug as his head. (It was my first sculpt, give me a break about the anatomy!;))

The scientist didn´t like the illustration, imagine that!:lol: Luckily I was only a intern at the time
so it didn´t matter that much.

The second illustration was a cover for the newspaper. The story was about how the old warm poetic
acrhitecture struggles with the new cold and hard arhitecture.
(you can also see it as a birth of the new from the old) The splited statue head is finnish architect Alvar Aalto

The third was a illustration for a small medicine news. Where was commented that the university can´t teach and evaluate
the doctors at the same time. (or something like that. I can´t really remember. It was a little bit complicated)

cheers, I hope somebody likes something about these!:wink:architecture.jpgcoffee-head.jpgSnake.jpg

Here I integrated some photographs with Zbrush renders. these were illustrations for a newspaper

first one was a story about how energy companies use green advertising to boost their image.
Barrels are zbrush, fauna and spills are photographs.

the second one was a illustration about how finnish political parties all have almost identical agenda. (They are all the same grey mass).
machines are zbrush. smoke and papers are photographs.
political machines.jpg
this one was about how image is important to politicians.
mouth and euro signs are zbrush. suit is a photograph.
In this story a professor talked about politics and icehockey.
the cap is a photograph, rest is zbrush.
This was story how a finnish slotmachine company called Ray has a monopoly.
Big euro coins are photographs rest is zbrush.

…and more to come! :wink:

Illustrations are looking good! :+1:

Thanks Santis, I´m trying to find some freetime so I can
make something more wild and disgusting.:rage:

this stuff I make for work is usually very limited. Have to make it
family friendly. :cry:

oh , fantastic work ! :+1:small_orange_diamond:roll_eyes:

Welcome to ZBrushCentral:)
Nice seeing something new , very interesting designs and illustration!
Keep up the nice work! Looking forward seeing more from you.

  • Kenny:)

Lemontmoon, KC-Production - Thank you very much! :smiley:

this was a illustration for newspaper story about finnish presidential election.

consept was that president is a head of foreign policy and we are living in a very
uncertain times. That´s why world is a balloon that might go with the wind or explode.

The string and the balloon opening are photographs. rest is zbrush.
and a another pose

Here´s a fictional tower I designed for university´s newspaper.

The consept for the building was stairs of knowledge to the light of truth.

… And yes the tower is supposed to be ugly so it would provoke more comments. :wink:
and it did.


Here´s side and top view

Here´s newspaper illustrations where I combined photographs of people with
Zbrush renders.

This was illustration for story about argumentation.

Here´s game researcher, who think´s games can be used in our everyday lives. Bubbles and researher are photographs.
Little dragon is supposed to be the dragon from the classic Bubble Bobble game.
bubble bobble.jpg

Here´s statistic guy.

This was story about russian and swedish language education. Russian and swedish boulders colliding is zbrush render, rest is photoshop.

Okay guys, don´t get excited all the persons are phographs, NOT Zbrush! :wink:

We invented some funny fictional university merchandise for university´s newspaper, just for a laugh.

punk beanie - In our university we have this famous mitochondrion researcher. He´s very colouful
and he´s a punker. So we designed this punk beanie with a picture of mitochondrion in front for his fan club:lol:.
safety pins and wear and tear at the bottom are from photographs. This was made before fibermesh so
hair on spikes had to be added from photographs too. :cry:
punk beanie.jpg

Here´s the zbrush render composed in photoshop.
punk beanie zbrush.jpg

Lecture mill - There are some older people studying in the university too so we made this device for old people.
There are long distance glasses, a hearing aid and a coffee mill with a milk container so you can grind your own
coffee so you don´t have turn your eyes away from the lecture.

Coffee mill and the milk bottle are photgraphs rest zbrush.
lecture mill.jpg

Here´s one zbrush render before compositing different materials and photographs in photoshop.
I used these rough geometric shapes for the milk bottle and the mill to get a shadow pass for photoshop.
lecture mill zbrush.jpg

Happiness mirror - We have this scientist who has different theories about happiness.
So we made a happiness mirror. At the bottom it reads “worlds best you”

This is all Zbrush. compositing of different materials and passes in photoshop.
I made the flowers using a photograph as an alpha for sculting in spotlight.
happiness mirror.jpg


You make terrific things!
That tower is fantastic, I wish (sort of) that it were real.
I want a punk beanie.
And I love the toxic waste flowers!
You are going to make the coffee mill glasses right? I need one of those…

Thanks for posting such interesting stuff!


One last thing:
On the top of the mirror that little icon is a column or pillar with something like ivy on it right?
Even if its not that I like it a lot (and the flowers came out great).

MealeaYing - Thank you very much!:smiley: I wish somebody would actually make some of this stuff.
I could really use the coffeemill classes myself. :wink:

The collum with the leaf is the university´s logo. I just made alpha from it and stamped everywhere.
(it´s in the products and the tower)

I like your work also. You have really unique and artistic style!

I had a job to make this enviroment look more “green”.
Usually I would have used just photographs but we still have snow in the ground.
Fibermesh came to my rescue.

tree in foreground and the little bird are photographs rest is Zbrush.


I used rough geometry to place fibermesh and to get the shadows right.

Here´s the before / after

Hope you like. :slight_smile:



Another great use for ZBrush

Monstermaker - Thanks! It´s a real treat having you post here.:smiley:

I can just concur with Rick, really nice use of Zbrush! Great compositing aswell. I really enjoyed the breakdown aswell, definently seeing this in the future man - matte sculpting with zbrush great :D:+1:
Keep it going and have fun zbrushing!
All the best,

  • Kenny:)

I´ve been waiting mouth watering for a render tutorial about using
the shaders for one pass render.

I couldn´t wait any longer so I decited to give it crack by myself.

I used this old statue model of mine to test the sss.
I tried to make it look little bit translucent perhaps jade like material.

please tell me how this looks. and please criticize me and tell me what
I´m doing wrong.

I used only 2 shader slots, when I tried to use a third to give a little different
specular the shadows in the render got darker. What´s that all about?


Here´s some of my settings.