Goz not installing in 3ds max 2021

Having the same issue,
Somehow I can send model from max 2021 to zbrush but not the opposite.
I use GoZ a lot, would love some assistance,


Hi Marcus,
I just updated 3ds max 2021.1 and now your fix doesn’t work anymore.

This is what I get when running the plugin in 3ds max 2021.1
3ds max goz error

and running the installer in Zbrush gives the same error I show in my first post.
I updated Zbrush to 2020.1.4.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Yes, Autodesk introduced a new requirement in 3ds Max 2021.1. Anyone requiring GoZ for Max 2021 please send me a direct message. Mariepepin & Hentsteph, have messaged you. (The update will be in the next version of ZBrush but at the moment I’ve no information as to when that will be.)


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Thank you Marcus for your quick response and great customer service.

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You’re welcome!

Hello good day, I need the joy for 3d max 2021 how can I send you the message MARCUS_CIVIS I am new and I don’t know how to send you the message
thank you

Hi Rodrigo,

Welcome to ZBC!

I have sent you a message. To send a message, all you need to do is click on the person’s name and then you will get a pop-up which will include an orange “Message” button. Just press that!


Hi Marcus, I’m seeking Goz for 2021 since they(Martin) added extrude/inset changes in 2021.
Can’t msg you… no message button. I suppose I am too new to the system/not enough posts, etc

Hi Eric,

I’ve sent you a message.


I would like the beta for 3ds max 2021 as well please, and thank you. (I also can’t direct message yet)

Hello Marcus,
Could I please have access to the beta for max 2021? That would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Ryders & Ryan,

I have messaged you both.


Hi Marcus,
I’d like to test the goz for max2021 too, could save me so much time !
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Marcus,

Could I please have acces to test the Beta for 3Ds Max 2021?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Marcus, could I please also have access to GoZ for Max 2021? Thank you so much!


Lonte, Koguister and Tudor,
I have messaged you.

Hello Marcus,
Could I please have access to the beta for max 2021? I really need GoZ right now. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Marcus,

Would it be possible to have the beta for 3dsmax 2021 ? I am missing Goz and don’t want to go back to 3dsmax 2020 for the moment.

Thank you very much !


Hi Marcus, Could I get the beta test for goz too please :star_struck: , can’t live without it :confused:

Hi Marcus ! Can I get Goz for 3dsmax 2021 ?
Thanks !