Got some sculpts to finish.

Just want to say I really enjoy the work, the sculpting, the shader and the rendering. Great work all around!

Peace-NickZ. :slight_smile:

Hey, that monster looks awesome. Would you mind explaining how you got the realistic leathery skin look?

you made me sit up in my chair :lol:

That’s alot of details right there, monster was awesome. Wrinkles in the face of that man was great too, you only used a brush for that? Would be epic to see the face with textures and stuff, but I guess that’ll not happen right now if ever?

top level work.

Nice details i would also like to see the sculpture when it is textured.
Both are fantastic you have good eye for detailing.

So Inspiring…!!!

this is really awesome … loved every inch of it …

very awesome work!

This one started as a quick head model. Unfortunately I could not stop myself from adding more stuff and this is where I landed. I actually thought of doing whole scene with it but nah. It already is way more than I planned.

Entire thing is sculpted in Zbrush. Some parts were done in 4.0 and used shadowbox as basemesh, some were done in R2/R3 and used dynamesh for basemesh. 3 more views on my website.

wow totally stunning work, I had a look at your portfolio, really mindblowing work there Piotr :-):+1:
Totally love the style of your artwork, keep at it mate!
All the best and happy sculpting,

  • Kenny :slight_smile:

Crazy cool! :+1:

wow. thats nice

Love the detailing! :+1:

Hot damn ! Other than the hard surface part which I don’t find very believable, it looks really good. Nice muscles, very well-rendered flesh. Nice job !

Great works here and on your site. Cheerz!

Great work I really like the hardsurface/mech components

Tested fibermesh for the first time.





cool work!

heheh love the zombie crazy hair day look