Looks awesome. I’m really interested where will you get with the 3d printing. Keep up the good work.


Really good sculpt :slight_smile: Can I ask you a little bit about the process ? did you start with dynamesh, z-spheres, or some other basic model with subdiviisions ? Have you done some retopology for this character, or used z-remesher ?. I just want to know more about your workflow :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for liking her. I have not expected this will be in the top row at all, it was a real surprised for me :slight_smile:

TheMiziko: hi, I started by posing her with a base model with basic topology that I have done in Maya. When the pose was almost there, I added cloth elements in. The sleeves were actually started with Zsphere. The waist sash (Obi Ita) was an extruded cylinder and some of the other bits I modelled in maya, such as the shoes, lattern and the jewelley bits and hair ribbon etc. The tights and the ribbon were created by masking the leg and extracted them out. The rope of the lattern was an insert mesh I created from Maya. The hair was created by hair insert mesh brush I downloaded.

For the skirt, I actually started in Marvelous Designer. Because of the puffiness/ airiness/ ballon-like characteristic combines with Polyester like material, it was hard for me to achieve the look I want in MD. When I ran the simulation every falls and set realistically ( too realistically), what I wanted is something more artificial but not too stylish. It was difficult to maintain the shape I want when using MD. In the end I exported an okay-ish obj from MD, and imported into Zbrush as a base, project the folding details onto a subdivided Zbrush and continue sculpting on top of it to get the feeling I want.

I didn’t actually get to use Z-remesher. For me the project doesn’t need ingame mesh so I didn’t retopologised the meshes, as long as the sculpted mesh looks decent I am happy.


Really awesome! :+1:

Needless to say, stunning work. How many subtools is that?

love it! cool pose, balanced amount of detail, great modeling, simply outstanding!

Thanks so much. :slight_smile:

Dangov: There are 40 subtools. I could have been more organised and use less subtool:)





awesome modeling skill, she looks gorgeous. love it

just beautiful.
i love the concept and design of clothes and her pose.

but i would love to see some more details. her eyes look empty
without a pupil and i could imagine wonderful patterns on her clothes and her lantern.
it may be enough to ad the patterns as some bump maps. but that’s just an idea of a beginner.

i need to train much more to create a soft an beautiful looking woman like you created.
you made a great job with her hand pose holding that pipe(?) which makes her mature and playful at once.

Hi Shumetsua. thanks so much for the nice compliment.Yes I am agree with your opinion, adding a little more patterns and details to the clothing and eyes will be a huge plus :slight_smile:
However, I cannot take credit for her pose and character design :slight_smile: This character is concepted by Dean Holdeen, a great concept artist that I always admire. All I did is only translate this 2d image into 3d.
The process is extremely fun and rewarding :slight_smile:

still its a great work and a project to test your skills :smiley:

I guess it takes some skills and experience to make a 3D model like this out of just one view point of a 2D picture.
Since you need some imagination to create her back.

still that soft hand details and her face are awesome.
i still need to figure out how to create a mouth like this xD