Gears of War 3 - Environment Art

Amazing work … Thanks for sharing…:smiley:

S P L E N D I D . amazing.

Thanks for sharing! Great Stuff! :sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Such a shame I won’t be able to play this since I prefer only PC gaming. Please tell that your development team for me, cause I think i speak for a lot :+1:


Awesome Artwork and Sculpting thanks for sharing such detailed renders!:+1:
Very inspiring, as I am studying Game Design with major 3D Modelling I am very happy to see such awesome work,
to have a goal on my mind! Gears of War 3 was one of the best games I think.
Keep up the good stuff!:slight_smile:
Best regards,
.-KC Production-.

Again, great images how you used ZBrush on the Gears of War series. A great inspiration to many game artists for sure. Congrats on the release of Gears of War 3.

Amazing woks.

I run up and down your work everyday now. I’m ranked 99th in gears now… Yeah I play to much!!

I just love the art work… It’s like running around a zbrush model with guns!! It’s not like that… THAT’S WHAT IT IS :slight_smile:

I would love to go to the Gears of war Studio and meet everyone. That would be cool…

Well back to Gears of War 3… Daddy got to get his kill on!!

Keep up the great work… If I could just stop playing so much I could do some nice models :slight_smile:


Though I find it strange that none of the doors had any damage marks like the walls and statues…

Meh…Nothing there that would draw me in to purchase the game. Not sure what it is. I’d rather have a game where the war is in the jungle, rather than urban combat. Something like Pandora.

Absolutely awesome bro ! I love the game and your art is incredible !
Fantastic Environment Sculpting, really impressing and to every artist a wish to work on such projects.
I think it is a really great honor that you upload these detailed work, it gives yourself inspiration and motivation.

Great work and hopefully seeing you soon on xbox or in work :smiley: just kidding ^^


Hey Folks,

Thanks for the comments. I will get around to proper answers and try and get some wireshots soon.


Looks fantastic, Mr. Johnstone. I always enjoyed your classical and colossal aesthetics, and it’s on display here in full force! :smiley:

Thanks a lot for sharing. If anyone else on the environment team has some work you should pester them to post it. Your buddies over on the character side are going nuts with the amount they’re posting.

I mailed all the environment guys here suggesting they show their work but no one replied I’m afraid :frowning:

I’ll find time at the weekend to dump some more stuff, hopefully by then, some of the others will too

This work is so amazing, thank you for posting…SO inspiring.

Fantastic pieces. They all seemed quite unique; were any of these sculptures designed for a modular level creation workflow?

The attention to details is just astonishing!!!

What program for retopology?

Amazing work Kevin!!!