From a ZBrush model to a wood sculpture


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These are terrific work mate!! Diggin in it every split second!! Applause for the HERO! :smiley:

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Excellent work as always thanks for sharing!! (The stocking on the foot detail is Wonderful!)

Step #4; how long does it take to manually trace the mesh to create the wood versions? How many wood reproductions are you creating at a time?


Woop! That didn’t take long. Congrats on top row!

Great work :+1:

Some lovely work! Reminds me so much of the old pin-ups. Congrats on the top row, too! :+1:

this is Ridiculously great as always!glad to see new stuff from you again!:slight_smile:

Amazing! Two questions.

I have printed from ShapeWays and have never gotten that detailed of a result. Which of the materials is the one pictured? Sandstone or the plastic?


Where the heck can I buy one of those sexxxxy statues?

fantastic works!!


Hi Selwy,

I was already following you in the last years and I’ve started doin’ a lot of you the stuff you suggested for learning anatomy, drawing and all the rest, 'cause like you I was unable to draw anything, even a circle. I want to thank you for the things you share with the community and how you share it. Always dream to see some more tutorials on anatomy from you, it would be a dream (I already bought the only one you did on cmvfx). I really hope you will do some more learning stuff ad maybe start classes. Hope to catch you a day since I’m italian too. :wink:



This is the technique used i suppose.

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Neat and Clean beautiful work…:wink:

Really awesome ! I like project like this, to make our 3d work real pice of wood is amazing ! :slight_smile:

Keep going ! :slight_smile:


jeeez… dude…
again fantastic work. and thanks for the breakdown of your process.
very interesting indeed.


i like it!

nice writeup there of how this was made. hope it changes how traditional sculptures are made for good. Heard from a local sculptor in my area it could take up to a year to sculpt out of wood or ceramic if were to be done manually.

Really inspiring stuff… keep em’ coming.

Freaking awesome.


First of all, thank you very much for all the comments, the kind words and the top row plug - I really didn’t expected such a great response…

Let me explain the milling thing a little bit better:
First, milling has nothing to do with traditional wood carving. By “traditional” I mean working with hammer, carving knifes and a block of wood. On a life-size sculpture, you start with the chainsaw to get rid of as much material as possible and proceed with big carving knifes to get the main shapes and planes right. Then you switch to smaller tools to carve out details. At the end you can use different sorts of sandpaper or even some sort of sander to achieve a smooth surface.

It’s quite common today, to combine milling and hand carving. Big statues are roughly produced with KUKA robot and get detailed and finished by hand for instance. That not only works with wood, but also with marble as a base material. The milling procedure is the same.

For the production of my statues we worked on a so called 3D pantograph or copy milling machine or profiling machine or replicator (I don’t know what’s the exact term in English is…) They are available in different sizes and you can make copies at the ratio of 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5 and something in between. You need one machine for every ratio though. Working on such a monster is loud, dusty, exhausting and needs constant concentration. It took almost two day to finish a row of 20 figurines.

Simple objects with smooth surfaces are produced on a cnc copy machine, because the digital programming of the milling paths is easy and straightforward.

Anyways, I’m still in love with traditional wood carving. I started carving a few years ago. Unfortunately I don’t have much time to practice right now…

Once again, thanks for all the great comments and the interest!

Best regards,

Insanely awesome! Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

haha! Really wonderful Pipeline and always Excellent and unique models!
I see and in this pics a 360º draw concetps and some draws of the face of the woman!
Really good you do this draw concepts, too?