For The King


Dedicated to the artists who are still haven’t lost the dreaming ability, and still believes…

I’ve seen so many artists as head of asset department, who are enters in industry with passion and fire in theirs eyes, but first and second deadline and then - boom! they’re burned out and disappointed with the choice they’ve made.

Hey, the King is still alive and we should stand against deadly arrows and defeat the dragon!
Wacom cardboards for protection and faithful friend’s help - are the only things that matters :heart_eyes:

Have a nice day community and always experimenting with Zbrush :hugs:


Awesome : )

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Thank you :pray:

Really cool image Andrey :wink:

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Love the spirit Andrew as well as your artwork :clap: Thanks for sharing :wink:

Thank you for kind words!

Appreciate a lot, Jaime

Haha nice!

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I’m happy you like it :))) Thank you for finding time and post a comment!:pray:

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Great work @AndreyBogomolov!!!:+1:

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Thank you a lot, my friend NILBERTOTAWATA! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Brilliant idea an execution! I love it!

Thank you, Sir! Appreciate a lot! :bowing_man:

I love this! Awesome creative and execution. The WACOM box is great! Wow!

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@Tritt! Thank you, Sir! It’s a pleasure to get such comments, appreciate!

What a great idea ! :grinning:

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@zzeebee Thank you a lot!

Very cool, Love the sentiment :+1: