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This is part 5 of our stylized female face tutorial series. In this video we will be covering the ears!

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Hello Follygon,

thanks for making the tutorials! I noticed the ‘stylised’ flag but i believe
that women have their temporal line, the one at the edge of your forehead,
move to the center of the head - as opposed to (some) men.

anyways colorful :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words Zmith[21]!

Always time for a new video! This is a speed sculpt of Melanie Martinez, using a concept by the artist ladowska. Original concept here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BM5NT7MB2Af/

Hope You Like it!


Ello ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

In today’s video we will be taking a look at our very first hard surface model on the channel. It’s a little space helmet from a concept by Peter Boehme. Link to his work below if you wanna check that out. https://www.artstation.com/artist/peterboehme

Download the model made in this video for free:


Here is the hair tutorial I promised you from last week. Quick and simple hair!


In this video I’ll be showing you a sculpt of the Voltaic Axe from Monster Hunter Generations! Another hard surface sculpt on the channel where I’ll tell you a little bit about the tools I’m using and what is running through my brain while I work. This was done for the contest over on my mini factory. Hopefully you learn something new!

Download the model made in this video for free:


Some 3D Printing Tips and Flips… err Tricks! This tutorial will cover some common problem areas with 3D printing.
Let’s print some weapons! ☆ヘ(○ゝз・)ノ┌┛

╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ ˂We Are the Crystal Gems!⁾✩

This video is a quick ZBrush Speed Sculpt of Garnet from Steven Universe. No talking. Just some nice, relaxing music by In love with a ghost.


In this video I’ll be showing you a ZBrush speeds sculpt of a demon hunter from World of Warcraft. Talk a little about what’s running though my brain. And maybe help you out a little bit on your own artistic endeavors. Hope you like it :smiley:

Download the model made in this video for free:


One of my favorite games (ノ°▽°)ノ

In this video I’ll be showing you a quick speed sculpt of Banjo and Kazooie! While that’s playing I’ll be talking about a topic that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately here. How to Level Up!

Download the model made in this video for free:


Tutorial on how to get render passes from ZBrush into Photoshop. And dennn I teach you how to composite all that crap together into one image. And dennn the last 5 minutes of this video are a speed sculpt of me creating the Flying Nimbus from Dragon Ball that I use in this video! And den and den and den and den and den NO MORE AND DEN!

Download the model made in this video for free:


Yo gang, in this video I’ll be showing you a speed sculpt of a Mushy Boii… and while that plays I’ll be talking about critique! Specifically how I like to try to give and receive critique.

Download the model made in this video for free:

Concept by Yisoo An


Had a lot of fun working on this one (⌒▽⌒)

I have a speed sculpt of Disney’s Princess Jasmine here for you today. I talk a little bit about live streaming in the future and some of the processes used here in this video. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Download the model made in this video for free:


love the thread!, nice work

Thank you Gedn :slight_smile: thanks for stopping in

The past 24 hours have been pretty bad over here… My main drive died. Trying to stitch all the pieces back together still. But hey! I was able to install just enough to finish editing this video!

I had to do a Princess Peach after the Mario vid after all. :smiley: Huge thank you to the support team over at Pixologic for deactivating my old destroyed machine’s copy of ZBrush so quickly. I was up and running way faster than I expected!

This model will be available for free over on https://gumroad.com/l/fktW
Concept by Rasbii: http://bit.ly/2mr2M5c


What’s up everyone! In this video I’ll be talking for a few minutes about struggle. I don’t think that it is something that enough people talk about and I believe it is refreshing to hear every once in a while. People often see the end result, but not the hard work that went into it.


This video is already a classic, and everyone should/must swatch it.


Thanks Erik, Glad you liked it!

New episode just went up. Quick video today of a cute little Umaru Burrito! Itadakimasu! Oh yeah, and I also talk about blocking out shapes, primary forms, and how important that kind of stuff is.

Yooo peeps. New EP is up! :slight_smile:

Download the model made in this video for free: https://gumroad.com/l/gVCV

In this video I’ll be showing you 5 ways to improve your sculpt. I learned the techniques mentioned in here either from people I have known, or from many hours of study and working on my own. Hopefully you have a chance to hear these tips a little earlier than I did and I hope they can help you on your way. Thanks for watching!


In this video I’ll be talking about how to improve your art. I give three unique ways that I don’t really hear other artists talk about too often for improving yourself. Hope you enjoy the vid :slight_smile:

As always, you can download the model made in this video for free: https://gumroad.com/l/WRUPN


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