First Workings in ZBrush

Hi people, I’m just starting out my work with ZBrush and thought I’d show my face and get a word in, I love the medium and fully intend to study and improve so any tips would be greatly appreciated. I want to be able to get Really high poly models shifting around on my system but at moment I seem to be limited by my poorly set up interface. Help with Mem settings would be greatly appreciated. anyhow here’s a picture I just created (about 4 hours worth infact) so you can all get an idea of my creativity. Please excuse the fact that she is naked!)

Cheers for your time in looking.


Do a search of the forum for optimum system setup, this is an area that comes up often. Since you didn’t post yours, can’t help.

As for your image, good start, but proportions are a little out of whack. Grab yourself some reference material. Nice use of shading though, sorta like a pastel work. Nice to see. :wink:

Thanks Jason, to be quite honest I did not use any reference material and it shows her head is a little to big and the hair is rushed as are hands and feet. At the moment this is all quite new to me and when I get started, well as I mentioned in another thread I get the bug and perhaps just rush things a little! I’m sure that as I become more accustomed to the software I’ll take my time and polish things up. Cheers for the input I’ll get on and do a search right now :wink:


That is awesome, that only took you 4 hours. Dang!~ I really like her. I love that you did her like a woman and not a supermodel. She has a bit of a belly and nice hips. Love the hair too. would love updates.

Model took me 4 hours or so (just a real quick Zsphere base) but I do have a cintiq 21" so bit of an unfair advantage. Did a bit of farting around in photoshop to sort out lips and hands but not too much. Whole idea was to aim for less than perfect figure :wink: working on somethin else at present but Zbrush has just hung again for the 3rd time tonight so am getting a bit pi**ed off with computer, and I got such a headache!!:lol:

I’m sure I’ll get round to updating soon!

Cheers LJB.