First try at sculpting a Figure

Hi, this is my first try to sculpt a human body, could you tell me if you see something wrong at this stage? Thanks. :slight_smile:

video :


ZBrush ScreenGrab01.jpg

Well for a first it’s really good, at this stage the only thing out of place is the size of the toe.

Nice job on this - especially as it’s your first figure. :+1:

Thanks, I’ am going to fix the feet and the hands next. Here I’ve played a little bit with it and did a render just for fun.

033.jpg 07.jpg

Really nice for first figure and the render is interesting! I like how you edited it also for the render
i agree that the toes seem a little off but that is all.

How was the render achieved?

The render was done with Octane render 2.0.
I’ve used two aera lights + 1 hdri, 1 mix material for the skin (diffuse sss + glossy + ao) and a matte material for the ground. I’'ve done some color correction in photoshop too.

A little update.

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