Featured Member: SolidSnakexxx (Yongkiat Karnchanapayap)

great work buddy and again congratulations ,and thank you for the kind of words

Alex OLiver

Wort wort,

…great Interview for my favorite entry, though they all were awesome.

Thanks to Mr. Yong for his providing so much depth and detail to his thread and providing so much for newcomers like me to observe and learn from.

You the man. I’m saving this interview to my “Inspiration and Tips” folder…

Wow, I didn’t know this thread’s posted over the weekend. I was out the entire weekend for my father’s memorial day (He passed away on the 23rd of March 10 years ago). Thank you all for reading this thread and kudos to Pixologic for creating such a great program and wonderful community.

Thanks sir :slight_smile: Glad you find the summarized thread useful.

Hey Ya, I miss you already. Don’t forget a ZBrush get together sometime in Thailand :slight_smile:

Thank you so much.

Mind Symbion:
In deed, during the course of the contest, I’ve learned a lot from other entries…again, thank you for your kind words.

It was one challenging and fun contest for me, to fight with myself and time given. I’m glad I decided to participate.

Hey there, Cpt Hornet. Your character’s one of my all time fav. Would love to get a high res image form you (I’ll properly request in an email :))


Thank you so much, ravioli_rancher. As a matter of fact, we are starting to play with animatronic, will post when we have something interesting to show :

No problem, Darukin. Glad you find it useful :slight_smile: and thank you for your kind words.


Thank you so much, Joecyriac. I really hope one day they would do a book of all entries entered. It would be real cool to flip through and see other cool characters…

Thank you so much krub :slight_smile:

Hey man, thank you for your kind words… it’s nice to see some old faces here.

Indeed, the freedom of teach is a real great resource… I just pre-ordered the female one. Hopefully it will be available soon.

Thank you so much. Glad you like my character.

In fact, this is my first full poly painting project. And I must say it’s one of the coolest features in ZB 3.1!


ขอบคุณครับ :slight_smile:


Thank you sir. Glad you like the summarized version of Mantis Man :slight_smile:

- FoOD -:
You man, Can’t wait to see GraNox in 3D physical as well :wink:

Thank you Etcher. I can’t wait to see Mantis Man in 3D print as well. I’m so thrilled for this.

Hey, brother. Your character inspires me a lot as well. I’m glad I entered this contest…and met such cool people like you Jason.

Hell master Alex, thank you for your kind words…I owe a lot to you and your teaching. May one day I can host you in Bangkok Thailand? (^_^)

The Master Elite:

Such kind comment you posted there. You almost made me cry with cheer. :slight_smile: Thank you so much for your support.

Awesome making of Yong!! If one entry deserved more of the limelight, it was this one :smiley:

Great interview and big thanks for taking the time to comment everybody’s work like that.

Fantastic Solid congrats on the Mantis and on this new thread … Top works my friend !!!

Yeah, there is a lot great work done on this sculpture. I like it a lot. It’s very creative. The color and material work really bring the sculpt to life. Plus, the pose is very dynamic. I like the other winner’s sculpts as well, but this one should have made it much higher on this list.

I voted this one to win!

From concept through online help to finished piece this was great and the creater is a real gent!

good job and well done!!!


Hey, congrats on making the big-time, Solid! Can I call you Solid? It takes too much time to write out SolidSnakexxx.
Besides, you’re famous enough now where you only need a first name now like, say, Paris, Whitney, or the Donald.
Congrats again on Mantis. (Even he dosen’t need a last name anymore.)

Great character, the suit is awesome, and crazy detail in the mask

Hey Yong, Wow!! This is a great design character and excellent Zbrush work. Congratulation for the contest!!. :slight_smile:

job is vary beautiful :eek:

great job all of the detail is awesome

just read the whole thing. epic.

i have so far to go! such great motivation thx!

Great work there! Very handy tutorial too, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: