Featured Member: nickz (Nick Zuccarello)

Thanks a lot for sharing. You are really inspirational: I will buy your tut on Gnomonology ASAP :slight_smile: Bravo Nick !!

First off I just wanted to say thank you to the Pixologic team for this opportunity to speak to the ZBrush community, it has truely been an honor. I also wanted to say thank you for all the hard work that went into creating this interview. I am really happy for the way it has turned out.

I also wanted to say thank you to all of you out there for your kind words and support. The kind words are what keep me going late at night!

I really get a kick out of knowing that what I am doing could be helping someone out!

Peace - NickZ. :slight_smile:

Mikeporetti - Thank you for you kind words. :slight_smile:

ministerart@hotmail.co.uk- No thank you!

JimRice - Thanks bud! :slight_smile:

Intervain - Thanks, glad you like him! I had a lot of fun making him! :slight_smile:

sasquatchpoacher - Thank you and you shall!

alexleia - Thank you so much for you kind words, I hope you know I am a huge fan of your work!

Teyon - Why thank you so much for the kind words.

Kupo - Thank you for your kind words.

Cashfire - Thank you, more to come…I’m working on it! :slight_smile:

DAnconia - I am working on a tutorial as we speak. I hope to wrap it up this week. Be on the look out.

Mahikus The Black - You can download the video on www.vimeo.com if you sign up. It will be the full HD res…how cool is that?

SixxPixels - Funny, my granmother was quite the character as well. I love her and miss her much! Till I see her again! Thanks bud!

skull_monster - Not a prob! :slight_smile:

brettSinclair - Brett…buddy!!! How the heck have you been? Can’t wait to see your finished Wolvie. I wan’t to make one myself.

smeagol - Thank you sir! :slight_smile:

metaballs - Hope this has helped a little bit! :slight_smile:

delminiature - Yeah I think everything can be done in Z. Here is how I would aproach it, use zspheres and priimitives to get the base shape quickly, then retoplogize, then go to town on the hi res sculpt. Good luck bud!

joethox - Sorry I’ve never used Z on a mac. Good luck! :slight_smile:

jojo75 - Awesome! Hope you enjoy!

great interview and beautiful work

bought the tutorial great work :slight_smile: my feeback is 100% positive :slight_smile:

Great interview Nick !
and many thanks you for your inspirational work and awesome videos/gifts.


nice interview thanks for that …

Awesome work ! :+1:

Sorry Master!!!

I missed your Interview! Thanks a lot … since I really started to learn something about Z with your excellent timelapses last year. :wink:

You are Great! :slight_smile:

:sunglasses: :+1:

Congratulations Nick!!!

You´re really amazing!!! :+1:

I tottaly missed this great interview!!! congrats Nick! :slight_smile:

looking cool man, i like the overall proportion, shapes and muscles definition.