Featured Member: ncollings (Nicolas Collings)

roger: Thank you roger it means a lot coming from someone with your experience. :slight_smile:

Renaud Galand: Next model is already on his way dude, thank you my friend.

Théo: Hey Salut Thierry, quelle bonne surprise ! merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire. Hope everything’s going well too for both of you :+1: .

Hey Nicolas, nice interview, and congrats for your new Job ! :wink:

Love your work! I don’t know about you, but even if you “Practice” there is always someone willing to teach or just as a learning resource here at ZBC or CGtalk/arena.
Keep posting and I’ll be watching! Thanks for sharing! :wink:


Brilliant work!

Congrat!!!Amazing works!

Falfa: hey man, great surprise thank you :slight_smile:

hyper1: Thanks man. Yeah it’s a great community to share artworks.

ronybuster: thank you

JasonKing: thanks man, glad you like it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the interview Nicolas,
and good luck with your new Job at Ubisoft.

Very nice work !
Keep it up


Okay now I took time to read it. Good interview Nicolas. Best of luck on your big dream! :slight_smile:

Lucky_1: hey dude thank you :slight_smile:

Frood: merci fred. As for now i’m going to enjoy my time at Ubi and learn as much as i can. It’s such a great environment to keep improving :slight_smile:

very inspiring. :+1:

love the orc bust, cool stuff man :wink:

kaushikshashwat: Thanks man.

mindwork3d: Thank you Can, glad you like it :slight_smile: I’m going to have it printed by Offload. i can’t wait to receive it , should be before Xmas :slight_smile:

Hehe cool man, may I ask how much did you pay for it?

just sent you a pm :wink:

J’étais passé à côté de ton interview,
bravo !