Featured Member: Mark Bannerman (boozy floozie)

I can only describe myself as a “groupie” ( that hurts on so many levels:D )
What I had written under one of your previous works is the only
thing I can think of to say here.
Whenever I see your work posted it is like someone opened
a window and let in clean, fresh air.

I thank you for posting the kind of work that keeps me coming
back here again and again.

Thank you so very much.

Thank you all for such a generous response, the support from you all is such a great inspiration to me , be it feedback , good humor or technical help.

And yes Angst it was exactly as you remembered :lol:

PS It’s funny. I remember in the old ZAcademy days (can I mention that august forum here?) people would flirt with you and Kathy shamelessly.
I also recall when you announced you were a guy… there was about seven minutes of embarrassed silence (or self-conscious coughing) and I laughed open-mouthed at some of the backpedaling that ensued by macho artists desperately attempting to change the subject to anything else.
Shame on me for being so shabby. :smiley:

The offchance of seeing a new piece by boozy is one of the main reasons I visit these forums on a regular basis. His surreal compositions always put a grin on my face. :+1:

Humanity and joy in shovel-loads, with just a hint of melancholy - it’s wonderful.

Great interview with lots of good advice…You are the only artist on this forum where I find myself calling my wife over to look at your work whenever you have a new post. We both love all of your work.

Of course… the small head and the large hands… that explains everything!

Oh, the humanity! So tempted to let Lemo have the last word… :smiley:

I wholeheartedly agree with your Tip No. 1.

Really great interview, and I love your work.

Great work Mark. Always inspiring seeing the ideas behind your works and the fun factor that also makes me happy just by looking at it :slight_smile:

I think there’s no art without ideas so I think you’re doing art, not only technical exercises as the vast majority. It’s very refreshing looking at works like this in this CG world full of Orcs, Hulks, gorillas, barely dressed CG chicks and all of that. They are sometimes awesome technical achievements but most of the time they lack of meaning, a story to support that piece of “art”. More details will never mean better work (but surely impress the “masses”, as we know). Of course I include myself on the bunch, since I’m modeling a Hulk right now (I call him “Shrek”, just for a change :slight_smile: ).

I particularly feel more inspired checking out works like yours than an over detailed wrinkled head, where the details serve only to disguise a weak structure underneath.

So, keep up the good work sir. I’m your fan :slight_smile:


Your work is a pleasure to view. I have always enjoyed your painterly approach to your creations, and this recognition is well deserved! Way to go Flooz! :+1: :+1:

I love your works, they’re amusing and very original! keep it up:+1:

It is always a pleasure to see new work from Mr. Bannerman, miles away from the usual monsters and aliens that populates ZBC…


Wonderful to glean your twisted insight into art/life through this interview.

I will say that it was your favorite piece (and mine) that got me interested in Zbrush.
In looking back at my first posts (where I bugged that crap out of Aurick) I was trying to learn how you did the building for the school.

Congratulations on your success, and thank you for your inspiration.


When I first found this site, I recall thinking; why is all of this art so dark. Where are the light, airy pieces. (Right now I’m wondering why my cursor is the same color as the background and how do I figure out where it is?) When I first found one of your works, I immediately called my Wife over, who has no regard for the monsters, trolls and other insanity I love here, and she too loved it. I knew then I’d been blessed to see something truly special.

The beginning of the article hits the nail on the head, in that from the thumbnail I always know the work is yours. Thank you so much for sharing with us and I hope to see many more of your delightful images.

If I had one question it would be; Where can one acquire prints of your work?

Wonderful stuff, my favourite interview so far. I would love to see your work in a gallery printed big (in Edinburgh if you haven’t decided where yet :D) I think its the perfect style to show how ‘real’ digital art is.

Edit - I forgot to say - female identity, hilarious! Whenever the red tape of life needs to be unravelled I sign my wife’s name and it always, but always gets sorted immediately…

Beutiful history…my friend!:+1:

you are always a pleasure feeling and inspirational force for my impossible task!!!:smiley:



Fantastic work, and interesting interview. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

One of life’s occasional little pleasures is to fire up the computer of a morning and see you have posted something new! Its always a joy to spend some time completely absorbed by one of your beautiful pictures.

Many thanks!

[QUOTE=jantim] …i alway’s thought he was a sort of reclusive alcoholic hermit living on an island as lighthouse keeper part-time artist !

I know a man with a big hat, he says he is an artist. I’ve never seen his ‘art’.
I’ve seen real art from people without a name or a hat.

good to see youre getting the recognition you deserve :+1: :slight_smile: