Featured Member: madmac (Jeff McAteer)

Great creativity along with a cool and unique style!
I love your works!

One of my favcorite artists ;]

Style = Sick, Form = Sick, Lighting = Sick…

Awesome job. Must say, one of my favorites.

One of my favcorite artists ;]

I’m so sorry you’ve been born with the curse of ART! :smiley: It’s much worse than heroin or crack.
Its people like yourself that keeps me motivated. Your sculpts are fantastic. The moment I saw your bird man and your mushroom man I was hooked on your skills and therefor will be shadowing your career. I’ll try to be descreet.
Wonderful work!

I can honestly say you are one of the few artist that inspired me enough to grab zbrush and start learning it. Glade your getn the credit you deserve. Hope i can pass along the inspiration like you have.


Enjoyed the Interview, great art, I’ve never seen your stuff before, but I love the Birdman piece. When you say that you work on downloadable games and that you can put that level of detail into your title and work, that really makes me think I want to do that. I’m not sure, but I think there are not many places you can do that any more. Thanks for the inspirational read.

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate you all taking the time out of your respective days to write such terrific comments.

brettSinclair - thanks man…

Intervain - thank you, the birdman is one of my favorites as well :slight_smile:

IdarkshadowI - thanks. The models don’t typically take too long, the mushroom man was modeled in a day, what usually takes me awhile is setting up the materials and lighting. I really struggle with this sometimes.

Santis - thank you

Super Glitcher - Thanks :slight_smile:

skulll_monster- thank you.

ncollings - Thanks man.

Antropus - Thank you, and I would like to say I really like that piece you made called “Old Tribal Woman”, it’s quite haunting :slight_smile:

invertedNormal- Thank you.

Arran J Lewis - THanks.

spaz8 - I appreciate it, thank you.

CesarDacolJr - Hey… yeah it has been awhile! Congrats on the gnomon tutorials! As soon as I get some free time over here I’m going to check them out :slight_smile:

aesis412 - Thank you :slight_smile:

Sebcesoir - Thank you very much!

jamespthornton - Thanks, yeah I like to keep the focus on the model, if I put a background in the picture I try to keep it simple and just add mood and atmostphere and nothing that might distract the veiwer from model.

Mind Symbion - Thank you :slight_smile:

piz - Thanks for the compliments man! :slight_smile:

Sculptor Of Flesh - THanks!

Lucky_1 - Hey, thanks. The new video… well things have been really crazy lately. I’ve been incredibly busy, but things are slowing down now so I’m thinking I should be able to finish it soon :slight_smile:

undoz - Thank you.

Kosher - THanks

slocik - I’m honored… thank you.

hyper1 - hahahahaaha… your awesome man :slight_smile: I think all of us here have been born with the curse of art and an obsession for it. Thanks very much for the kind words :slight_smile:

stimpack - That is very flattering man… I really appreciate it, thank you

Point - Thanks :slight_smile: You should know though, that the vast majority of art done in these downloadable games is cartoony and mostly done in vectors. I am an oddity. I have deadlines like everyone else so I don’t usually get a lot of time make the art. I typically work on my spare time to make it better. It still never seems like it’s enough time though :). But I put the same level of detail into the contract work I do for other companies that make AAA titles for the PS3 and XBOX. So I don’t think it’s because they are downloadable games. Actually I would say the level of detail they put into the next gen games these days is far superior than what you see in the casual games market. Just look at some of the amazing art being made in games and movies these days. Though the artists in a lot of these places unfortunately are being seriously overworked, the artistry is quite amazing! So I don’t think it will be difficult for you to find a place to work that will give you the opportunity to put the level of detail in your work that your looking for :slight_smile:

ya…that’s it
really awesome art u did man
u r always a big inspiration for me
and the bird man is my all time favorite
all those tight and clean details are really beautiful
take care man

Sweet! This guy is definitely a favorite of mine. So awesome when i realized he did Wik too!

Thanks for the reply, I agree I have seen some great art in the recent Assassins Creed and Star Wars The Force Unleashed - Art of books. I think with programs like ZBrush, art can only get better. I can’t wait for the day when all the work we see on this forum appears in games, not just cut scenes and intro’s.

Awesome work man.

Great works! :+1:

thanks for another nice interview with a great artist.
and thanks to jeff’s gnomon video, i started to use the subtool master… heheh (finally:D )
really like the look of your models (-especially the bird-guy).


Beautiful style! :wink:

How good is the light and colour!? Quite brilliant. I love the way you used the different textures and how beautifully the background recedes in spite of the warmer tones. A masterpiece.

:+1: :+1:

Always been a fan of your work Jeff.

I’m sorry for the late response everyone, I had to take a trip to California… actually I’m still here, but I finally got access to the internet. I don’t have a lot of time so unfortunately I can’t respond to everyone idividually :frowning: , but I did want to thank everyone for the terrific compliments! I really appreciate you all taking the time out of your day to write such kind and inspiring words :slight_smile:


Great works!! :smiley:

your style kix S