Featured Member: jp_smith (Jason P. Smith)

Congrats… jp_smith… great work and very clearly explained/illustrated tutorials…

Wow, I love your character design! I’d love to hear the story on this guy! Your model looks amazing. Great job!

Thank you for this great article, Jason!
And I said it many many times before – thanks for all the help. :slight_smile:
Overwatch is a hyper cool character.
Great concept/story and executed perfectly.
Excellent modeling and texturing job!
:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Great character!
I couldn’t get the layer brush technique you mentioned to work.
I took a sphere, made a morph target, then subdivided 4 times then picked the layer brush with the dots stroke but if I go over the same stroke it still adds to the previous stroke. Any ideas?

great job, definitely was my favorite of the contest

Abberant - the layer brush even at a z intensity of 1 wasn’t subtle enough for me, as I like to slowly build up layers of detail…it was just too much of a sledgehammer brush for the way I work.

weiluntsai, Mind Symbion, LeoAMD, Martin, Max, Yong, Etcher, Captain Sensible, Thad, Lucky, Chris, vedanta, Ayden Cross, Monja, sko25 - Thank you all very much, I appreciate the comments! :slight_smile:

abnoid - Try using the morph target on the subdivision level that you’re sculpting on then it should work.


So I put the MT on the layer i was sculpting, works like a charm. Man, great tip! I never woulda figured out to use the dot stroke, that’s usually the first thing I turn off. Thanks for responding.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

this guy is just plain awesome!

I love the “making of” threads too, love seeing some of this type of insight on how you and others approach the work.

congrats on top row - very deserved I think.

great job thanks for posting this!

Very cool work…love seeing/reading these! :+1: :+1:

so cool.

Awesome militaristic entry, man. :+1:

I especially like the alphas. :smiley:

Indeed! This was one of the entries that felt really thought out. Excellent execution (Man I need to learn how to light properly in Z!). Great new piece, congrats!

Overwatch is dope my friend great concept

that was the perfect put together of comic and game characters

hella badass

definitely my favorite!