Featured Member: Intervain (Magdalena Dadela)

Gratuluje swietnego wywiadu i oczywiscie pracy w Ubisoft :smiley: . Bardzo dobre pracki. Mozna by zobaczyc Twoje prace z Assasin’s Creed :wink: ?

Pozdrawiam i zycze wielu sukcesow, :+1:

(sorry for my english language)
i like Your Artworks very much. i like the artistic development of choiced subjects and their realizations. Sincerely best congratulations.

hey magdalena!

great interview. i always get inspired by your work and your passion about what you do.
enough fan-boy jibberish.

cool work and looking forward to more stuff from you.


Thanks for the interview, Magdalena. You’re really great, and I found very interesting your history, because it happened something similar with me. I studied Math at the university, and almost stopped completely with the drawings… but the video games took me back to the artisitc world some years later :slight_smile:
Keep it up, girl, you’re one of the best :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Congrats Magda. It’s great to work with you. Sky is the limit!:+1:

bicc39 - thank you :slight_smile:

womball - LOL yess I always drew cubes for some unexplained reason [with different perspective :confused: ]

piz - thank you!

skulll_monster - thanks a lot!

Eonsuu - thanks :smiley:

Marcin Filipek - dzieki :wink:

norbi1988 - dziekuje! Like I’ve said I would if I could :wink:

Ross_DD - thank you!

abyss103 - haha! thanks a ton and yes indeed :lol:

jramauri - thanks a lot! That’s really cool - I think in the long run it gives one way more experience to draw from IMO, so the time wasn’t entirely wasted :wink:

gtiber - thanks Gui! :cool:

Great interview and always a pleasure to look at your art. All the best to your future. Cheers. :wink:

congrats Magda :slight_smile:

Beautiful interview and a great collection of work

Congratz and thank you Magdalena. Inspiring, nice and kind artist.

Brett - thank you very much :slight_smile:

shraga - thanks sir :+1: :smiley:

Magical Art…Great art transforms the viewer and I’m transformed each time I view your work.:smiley:

Thanks a lot, your thoughts and approach is very inspiring, as well as your awesome work. Truly amazing stuff!

another great Interview ! Keep inspiring us Magda, Congratz :slight_smile:

very cool works man !

its always intresting to see your 3d art :+1:

Great interview, it was an insightful read accompanied by beautiful works.
Congratulations .

…and enigmatic academic sculpture style! :+1:

Congratulation ! magdelena ! amazing work and great interview, Thank you so much for all you’ve done :+1:

Thank you for your support everyone :slight_smile:

i’ve said it before, but might as well say it again, I love the fact that you do models that aren’t the norm. your old lady knitting is an awesome piece of art, you’ve captured the life in it completely. you’re an inspiration, and it is always a pleasure to hear from someone as talented as you are.

one quick question, in your victorian esque woman (awesome btw, the texture looks ace as well) how does her hat stay on her head? it looks like it should topple straight off :smiley:
keep it up, is always good to see you posting a new piece.

NoirQ - thanks :slight_smile: and LOL -well there’s a ribbon which runs from the hat to the back of the hair and is tied at the back of the head :slight_smile: usually they pinned it down too with really long metal pins:D