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Hey man. Congrats on the interview. Love your work. But you know that already. haha.

Hello everyone!

@Intervain: Oh woww! I actually believe I remember talking to you! Its sooo cooll to know you are from VFS too! Thank you so much for reading the interview!
@DDS: Thank you so much!
@pummumu: Herberrtt! thank youuu so muchhh buddy! It was awesome dude in VFS! Definitely miss those times!
@ncollings: Thank you very much for the good words.
@Kupo: Thank you jason!
@muzik: Thank you so much!
@blkspd3: Yoo Richhh! How have you been!? I am sure you must be really good with it now…!! Thank you dude for your nice words man!
@rayfusion: Heberrr! thank you dudeeee!! You me and herbert did learn a lot huh back in VFS! Awesome time man! I learn so much stuff from you two!
@Jelmer: Hey jelmer! Your work is really awesome too dude! Thank you !
@alexleia: Alexxx! THank you so much alex! you know how much your work influenced mine right! heheheh!!
@Nattawat_OBBI: Thank youuu!!
@skulll_monster , smeagol : Thank you so much guys! It awesome to know you guyys lovee Scorpion! he is my favouriteee characterr tooo!! I was so happy back then when i knew i got to model Scorpion! :smiley:
@Sebcesoir: Thank you! Your work is really very inspiring for me!
@Sinyendil: Its good to know you enjoyed the interview as much as i did doing it. Thank you so much sir!
@Marc Boulay: Thank you and it feels great you find the interview constructive. :smiley:
@Mind Symbion: Thank you so much for your kind words!
@EbolaV: THank you sir! I will definitely try to keep practicing and making more art. :smiley:
@brettSinclair: Heyyy duddee! thank you for reading the interview!

Thank you so much guys for the very positive response. Means so much to me knowing many of you love the interview and my work. Thank you to Matt too at Pixologic for giving me the opportunity! :smiley: :smiley:


great work fabian! There is a clear improvement with each model you make, congrats on the interview! :smiley: Too bad mortal combat got canceled!! Must have been sweet to work on.

keep it up!


Good to see your great interview in here! ^^
I remember lots of model what you made in VFS. I hope that we can see you again ^

:smiley: Very good work!!Love it!

Wow, really nice interview dude. Hello, me come from Indonesia too. Actually Medan city. Nice to meet you here. :smiley: What a great skill and artwork you got. :+1: :+1: