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Great Work very insperational, you have set a very high bar to reach for. looking forward to seeing more work. (loved the frankenstein maybe should be posted in all plastic surgeries)

Great Work :wink:

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read the interview and for your all responses. I’m happy some of you found some useful nuggets in there. If anyone had any further questions about processes, drop me line, I had to cut alot of info out for brevities sake.

Thanks again…

hi sirjee

i am a great fan of your work

been following a lot from you

idol inspiration everything

my best of luck for you and good wishes too

Really Amazing Stuffs and thanks for your interview Alex! :smiley:

really outstanding interview.

your works are great alex…i love your scared silly entry !
thanx for interview !

Wow, Beautiful work, Inspirational!