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Thanks for the interview :slight_smile: Good luck in your character modeler career Brett :+1: I’m sure you will do well

For sure pretty talented artist…It is very nice to know more about an artist who’s work i see alot . Great artist! :cool:

Great interview! really like your works man ! All the best :+1:

hey Brett.

Congratulations on the interview. its been a long time coming in my opinion. i have been following your works closely and when i found out you were a fellow jhb inhabitant it got me even more interested as i used to live in joburg (i live in dubai now). Its great to see what you have done with what was made available (as you mentioned, the 3d industry in south africa is still pretty fledgling).

Congrats again dude, you deserve it.

Keep well


Great Interview Brett … great work too !

Congrats Brett Sinclair! Great job!

Anderson Soares

Hey Brett, very inspiring interview. Keep up the great work.

Congratulations Brett … you have neat style with your work that i admire …

great interview :+1:

Hi everyone! Thank you all for the great support! This forum has really helped me to grow as an artist. I’m very humbled by the work I see here daily. It was an honour doing the interview.

Intervain: Mag, thank you very much! I love your work you always inspire me.

Dan-Burke: Thank you!

Leshiy3d: Thank you very much! I love your work.

Ramasses: Thank you!

MSMBrush: Thank you! You do great work.

threetails. Thanks man. I think your thread “fresh stuff” was one of the 1st I replied to. haha. How things going?

Zicarious: WOW! Thank you! Your martian manhunter is outstanding dude!

piz: Hey Piz! haha. Thanks my friend! Your a really nice guy :D. Keep sculpting dude!

calum5ZB: HAHAHAHAA! Busted! HAha. Nah I just hadn’t brushed my hair. Wouldn’t want to scare people off before they read the interview. Its my pleasure. You do great work :+1:

DELTATHUND3R: Thank you! Its awesome seeing him up there!

Leshiy3d: Again :D. Thank you ;).

nickz: Nick! Buddy, how you doing man. How was the holiday? We must chat soon! Thank you for the kind words. You know I’m a fan of your stuff!

Sigmund Hentze: HAHA! The rugby world cup. Pity we won’t get another one of those. Here’s hoping though. Thanks for the compliment. I hope he is :slight_smile:

goldo_0: Thanks Bud. Your insanely talented. I hope to see more stuff from you soon!

alphagsv: DUDE!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

anandpg: Thank you! Your work is incredible! Post more! haha.

SolidSnakexxx: It was all my pleasure. Glad you like it. shooo! haha.

rodion vlaslov: Hi Rodion. Thank you very much bud. Keep sculpting man. Your art style has really developed. Well done.

gordon-v: Thank you for the compliments man. Believe me. I feel the same way with all the artists on this forum.

undoz: Thanks man! I love your work. Great style!

DimitrisLiatsos: Thank you! Glad I didn’t scare anyone off haha.

ncollings: Thanks man. I love your work. Denzel is kick ass!

mradamw: Thanks dude. Nice to seee another South African on the forum. Hopefully the industry will grow a bit. haha.

Lucky_1: Thanks Lucky. Keep sculpting man!

gendragon: Thank you!

nightwoodwolf: Thanks mate: Love your work to. Hope to see more of it one day :+1:

Everytime I log into ZBC there’s a nice surprise. This is one of the best! Great read :slight_smile:

Great interview! Your work is really amazing!


hey brett !
congratulation man !
great artist and great works…
thanx for interview !

Great interview man… Always been a fan of your work…Keep up the great work.


great interview, buddy. you are a huge inspiration.
nice to get a picture on the dude, i’ve been writing with.
talk later man.


Great interview dude!
Your models are nicely done! :+1:

looking cool man, i like the overall proportion, shapes and muscles definition.

I don’t know how I missed this…It’s really wonderful to see you getting the recognition that you and your work deserves. Really great interview. All of your models look so great in this lime light. I know, as I have always known (and I know I am not the only one) you will go far and I await, too, the day that I see your name in the credits of something great. You will go far, never give up on those dreams and ambitions, and with your father as your guardian angel you can’t miss. Best of luck, although I really don’t think your going to need it. A fan always. :smiley: