Evelyn Project

Great work! Thanks for sharing!

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Thank’s man :slight_smile:

Thank’s a lot ! :pray:

Hi @Dylan_Kowalski

Awesome job! Amazing details! :+1: :heart_eyes: :+1:

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Thank’s ! :pray:

Beautiful work, from concept to final sculpt!! Look forward to seeing the final images/renders :sunglasses: :+1: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

If I may ask, how do you start a sculpt like this? Do you work from concept sketches or do you “concept” it straight in 3D?

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Thank’s a lot ! Final renders come next week :pray:

Yeah I got this question several times, I don’t make a 2D sketch before, but, I can take 2/3 week of searching pictures reference, build a strong image of the final render in my head, for this one , playing games ( Bioshock ) , watching movie ( Albator ) help me a lot to get inspiration, and I always have Idea all during a project and I compose with :blush:

Thank’s for your comment !


Spectacular work and renders !!!

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Thank’s man :slight_smile:

Thank’s for watching ! Hope you will like it :pray:

My Artstation : www.artstation.com/dylan-kowalski


I add a render of the head, Maybe too much picture now :sweat_smile:

I enjoying all of the picture you posted @Dylan_Kowalski, the work on clothes, equipment, weapons and all detail like fabric and the style are amazing. Great job on that project !


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Thank’s a lot man :pray:

Really beautiful! Jack Sparrow would marry her, if any…

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Hahaha, yeah, thank’s for the message dude

Super Amazing Dylan!

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Excellent job, congratz!

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Lovely renders and wonderful detail! :+1:

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Awesome design, details, and renders! :clap:

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Thank’s a lot @marcus_civis :pray: