Ebola Virus

Hi, You have set the category & benchmark quite high by creating these outstanding piece of works with your meticulous sense of artistry & craftsmanship, Many Congratulations !! & looking forward to many more spectacular creations !!! ;):wink:

Cheers !!!

Man, this makes it even more impressive.
First retopo (in ZBrush I suppose) and the UV’ing…
I guess you use several UV maps, Udims perhaps…
If possible: could you show us one of your uv maps?

And: congrats on the very merited top-row!

Erik, Thank you for your words!
Sure, I will post some maps when will get back to work PC, but there is nothing unusual, just an automatically generated UVs with UV master for each part of element.

Shark2003, Thank you! Yeah, there are a couple of my really old artworks from 2008 here :slight_smile:

Daniel, marcus, paleo3d, Jhon_Erick, s_Subal, TaposyRabeya, Yagyujubei, Frenchy Pilou, Chimz, Thank you guys so much for your support!

It’s Magic!!! Cool!

congratulation for your marvelous work. superb :+1:.

very impressive work,
although I like your HIV artworks even more.

Would love to see an animation with this kind of quality.

A few questions about this field of work in general.
Do you get some kind of reference images?
How accurate are your models and to what degree
you have freedom for your artistic interpretation?

This is really great, love it.

Always inspiring…AMAZING…and congrats again for the TOPROW :+1:

Is that what the ebola virus looks like? Nasty little bugger.

Fantastic renders and sculpting.

Well deserved Top Row
Absolutely stunning


Something becomes art when it transcends its own medium… in this case your work has leapt beyond the realms of microbiology and can easily be imagined as architecture, world, or some sort of strange reality!

Also, what renderer did you use to achieve the SSS? Did you import the hipolys into 3Ds max or Maya?

Is there an emoji that combines joy and horror and kill-it-with-fire because that’s basically all my feels right now

Like WOW, great work