DWIII-Josh Singh's Entry.

Cool design. Great execution.

When I used MAX it always felt like AutoCAD with an animate button. But I see so many wonderful, artistic pieces, like yours, done with it. Makes me want to try using it again.

Keep up the great work. I am sure you won’t have trouble getting attention on ZBC from now on. :lol:

Really well done, very cool, love the wings.

Awesome work, tons of polish! One crit (if I may) is that you might want to make the cuffs look more rounded in the lowpoly. Otherwise, tis all top notch mate!

Amazing work and attention to so many fun details :+1: :+1: :+1:

Great blend of the Chinese MonkeyKing and The Hindu Hanuman Character !
And lots of original details…:cool:


Yep…following all the Dom War entries and this one stands out by a country mile! Absolutely gorgeous work, so refreshing to see something which has so much “fun” about it.

It gets very boring to see the same old grizzled, brooding anti-heroes trotted out time and time again…good as some of those entries are. This guy just leaps off the screen, stunning character design and execution of it through to a finished model. Top stuff!!!

ha ha! this is excellent - really love the character - all of his accesories and especially the pose. great job!

Its kinda hard to believe you didnt get much attention before this model because you are clearly very talented. excellent work, very appealing character. I love his eyes too. lol, wierd as that sounds.

All projects of zbrsuhcentral in 3D are really good but this could be the second or third drawing handmade I really enjoy. Perfect. Congratulations!

Cool. Nice to see brand spankin’ new Ghost_Rider work. I loved all of your CgChat realtimecg entries and your production speed is insane!(2 entries for one of those comps, I recall!)

Anyways, I had a bit of a specific question about your “color” techniques in Photoshop/Zbrush. You and Pior Orbeson always have such rich, vibrant color maps. It’s something I struggle with as I always end up with “washed out” monochromes.

A friend of mind was telling me that his trick was 100% opacity for full richness of color, however, I was wondering if you could share a bit of information about your personal process for “digital painting” colors. Not so much about “texture” or “grunge”. I’m more interested in your base color gradient process.

Thanks for your time in advance.


this one is realy awsome work… superb work man :+1:
for me! there is only one thing to know!
in concept drawing there is a tail! but in final work i didnt find any tail…any reason?

Awesome, just awesome my friend! :smiley:

Gorgeous work, I absolutely love this piece. Just can’t stop looking at it, very inspiring.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future,


Agreed :slight_smile:

Your color palette’s exceptionally fine, by the way - EXCELLENT!!


Lovely character, WELL done!!!
Really charming.

Very Nice Low-poly job, are you in game design?

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great concept :+1:

it’s my plesure to see tht type of work.

NIce stylization. Have you seen Katsuya Terada’s illustrations for his version of the Monkey King Goku.