Dreamz First Attempt

Hi all, I’m new to Sculptris and love it. Here is my first real attempt at something - finished off in Paint.net.


Soul Thief jpeg.jpg

I’ve no idea what this is meant to be. I was applying one of my painted effect materials ( see Materials Share thread) to a random shape, added an eye and shadow in Paint.Net and somehow ended up with this. Let’s just say it’s a paint-spattered tree-creature type-thing.:confused:


Painted wooden thing.jpg

As the Angler fish looks like it’s been designed using Sculptris, I thought I’d have a go at one. Until I’ve learned more, I’m content to just use a rough model done in Sculptris as the basis for photo-manipulation. You’ll see how rough and ready the basic fish is before I’ve doctored it. Everything is just an experiment at the moment, none of this is finished.


Angler Fish Sculptris.jpg

Angler Fish Sculpt jpeg.jpg

Angler Fish Sculpt Filter jpeg.jpg

Hi, I am a newby too and I can see you having as much fun with Sculptris as I have and you are doing some neat stuff with th texturiing which is quite a challenge to me so far. Really like the asthonished look the second fish has.

I thought my fish looked menacing and evil! :lol: but now you come to mention it, he does look astonished…and slightly amused. That’ll have to be change! He definitely needs to look more sinister.
I’m really struggling with texturing, I don’t know enough about it. Do you use the draw feature to add texture? And how do you avoid getting the square shape of the image printed into the sculpture, y’know, the shape of the .jpg or .png frame? I haven’t found a decent tutorial on texturing yet. I’m just hoping 3dioot comes up with something soon. (Ahem!)
I wish Sculptris wasn’t so addictive, I need to get on with my life! :frowning:

I sculpted a quick and simple sort of grotesque fairground mask, then made it look like a vintage photograph, as if a quick gimps has been caught of something weird.

I have to photomanipulate because I cannot paint my sculptures - my models just appear white silhouettes in the paint mode and wont take any colour or texture. I think it may be a graphics card issue. Does anyone know because it’s driving me mad!?:angry:Grrrrrrr!


Fairground Freak.jpg

Cirque Des Morts.jpg

Cirque Des Fantomes.jpg

Have you tried changing the material? And do you have a screenshot with the menu available so we can try and see whart’s wrong?

The mask is very very cool. And scary. :smiley:

Teria, you are a star! Here are a couple of screenshots.

Everything seems to be fine in sculpt mode, paint mode on the other hand has got me baffled. I love using Sculptris, so when I watch videos of other people applying all kinds of materials, textures and colours to their sculpts with ease it really frustrates me that I can’t. :cry:

I’ve downloaded Sculptris three or four time now, hoping the problem was to do with the download. I’ve checked I’ve got the right version. Although my computer is pretty old now I have no problems using any other app.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someone can help.


Sculptris screenshot 1.jpg

Sculptris Screenshot 2.jpg

Hi dreamz,

I knew there was somewhat of a limit in how old your videocard can be for paint mode to be fully functional. Although i dont know the exact details i went to the old [sculptris forum](http://drpetter.proboards.com/). There is a support subforum there. Even though its closed now and refers to pixologics support (which makes me more then a little sad) its still full of useful info. Including the following: "some useres have problems while using the paintmode, in some cases this could be solved by disable the shader support: open the config.txt file in the sculptris folder and set "enable_shaders" to "0". materials and the paintmode are well working without shaders, in paintmode you can't change the material or draw normalmaps, but you can paint your sculpt. in other cases it's a problem with the application path. you can try to extract the sculptris zip file to "C:/sculptris" to solve the problem." I hope it helps you. Otherwise it may be time for a new videocard. ;) 3dioot

I copied all settings from your screenshot but the painting still works for me. I hope 3dioot’s ideas help, otherwise I guess it must be your video card. Sorry. :cry:

But the shark looks cool!

ah, seems to me must be the card, as on my new computer at home, I can texture and sculpt without any probs. But at my mothers place it is an older computer and I can sculpt fine, buit switching to paint mode results in the all white there too!

I really appreciate the help I’ve received.:smiley:

3dioot - thank you for taking the time to go to the old forum. Your advice is sound. I did everything you suggested. Changing the config means I now have the ability to paint and texturize the models so at least that’s something. I am still disappointed that my Sculptris isn’t fully functioning but that’s how it is.

Teria, Mermaidine : I checked to see whether I have the same problems in Blender - and it turns out that I do! I’m met with the same white silhouette when I try to directly paint on the mesh. So, you are right, it’s a graphics card issue. Alas, it’ll have to stay that way as I haven’t the funds at the moment to do anything about it. But…I still love Sculptris!:smiley:

Thank you again for your help.

Continuing the Angler Fish thing, for some reason I added wallpaper behind it and…I dunno, I suppose I was imagining what effect Darwin’s Origin Of Species might have had on a man of faith, especially if his gas lamp was leaking at the time and causing him to hallucinate. I think I’m going insane! :lol:


Fish Delusion jpg.jpg

Made this little fella and did a quick render


Little Fella.jpg

Little Ginger Fella jpeg.jpg

Cute! :smiley:

I don’t know what this is becoming. A little red-haired Rabbit Boy. He’s obviously seen something he’s unsure about, but I really can’t be bothered putting anything in.:lol:


Little Ginger Fella Rabb4.jpeg

^ that’s awesome! love the soft dreamy feeling to it.

Here’s a slightly softer one…I’d posted the wrong version.:smiley:


Little Ginger Fella Rxabb4.jpeg

what a sweet guy, like the softening a lot, it fits perfectly for him!

well I think your angler fish looks uber-menacing. show us more :slight_smile: