Drawing on ( quick sketches )

I am just gathering what sculptris to zbrush sketches I have done together into 1 thread. Having Sculptris and Z4 as new outlets for my imagination rocks. This one was inspired by Lotet. I wanted a mechanical/organic look. I like it on some levels but will go back and try something else. Overall fail but still fun to do. The clothes were mainly done with move ring and movethin brushes.



This is the first Sculptris to Z I did. I didnt have to worry about fingers and remesh tool on this one. :slight_smile:

Another failed idea but still fun to do. Its posted elsewhere on the forum in a more vociferous form :slight_smile: It was supposed to be an attempt at making an alien referee for Bop. Looks too damn happy to me:confused:

Of large Pizzas in the sky:D

Refined his face further. I dont want to get too realistic. And bringing his body out. He sure is heavy. He has been been eating too much pizza. :wink:

This is so inspiring. I’m n00bish to Zbrush, and have yet to try bringing my model over from Sculptris. I suspect monstrous potential.

Huge thanks for sharing, and I really am loving every bit of character you cram into these sculpts. Kudos. :slight_smile:

Thx Feeb :slight_smile:

This last one hasnt seen Z yet but I am sure he will eventually. I want to do his body first in Sculptris and fini him here but in Z I will be adding clothes etc. I read a comment in another thread that said the combination of Sculptris and Zbrush working together was gamebreaking. And it is. I much much prefer to do my shapes in Sculptris rather than Z. I never really lked Z spheres although I can use them fairly handily. I have been playing so much with Sculptris I havent had time to explore Z4 as well as I should. I will get to Shadowboxing one day:+1:

It’s a solid start, I think you could tweak the lips just a little bit :+1:

Thx T,

Vito originally started out as a cartoonish type figure and I over emphasized his lips. After I refined his head he started to look more real so I may change my thinking on him and go back and tweak them.

Now this guys lips dont look too sporty to me either but they are better than Vitos lol. I am finding it really hard staying on one thing in this program. It’s so easy to pop from idea to idea.:slight_smile:

Hmm lessee I have a centaur to finish, a Vito to finish and a satyr to make a body for. I need to stop there lol


I wish I had more time for sculpting but I get to go to the doctor! Yippee! :smiley: I think I would rather chew glass:confused: I am going to keep some of the comic proportions but I went back and redid his lips. I am beginning to hate lips lol

I really enjoy looking at your work, Tartan. I particularly like the mechanical/organic style; it has a precision to it, as if it’s machine-made. My favourite piece so far is the satyr. I wonder how big a challenge it would be to give the horns a spiral twist (if that makes sense. No it doesn’t, Dreamz. It’s tautological…I like that word. ) along their length. And it looks to me like your lip sculpts are improving rapidly. Nice work.:+1:

Hi Tartan this is a very inspirational start for me because when Pixologic released thei gift for us, really i was disappointed or confused thinking in the role or the space that this app will take…now you are opening my eyes special is the things that ZB dont do(for me incredible!) or are more easy in this app.
So keep posting and help meto open my eyes BTW always admire your design and aproach!

Thanks Mario! Sculptris has really beome a very important part of my tool box. Its so fluid and dynamic. I am waiting for Bas and you to play with it. I want to see if you both like it as much as I do. Sooo POST! POST! POST :smiley: :+1:

Hey Tom, nice start!
Aaaaaarghhh, no Mac version :cry:

Hi Tartan…:slight_smile:
I’m keeping an eye on your thread in here …I like what I’m seeing…Nice looking centaur…:+1: …Like the way you added the body as a balloon.
This sculptris program really is a trip isn’t it…:smiley: Seems so easy and is a relief after fighting with those stupid meshes in ZBRUSH for so long, at least for me anyway.:slight_smile:
Anyway…Have a Great One.and Happy Sculpting.:+1:

Hehehe, thanks Tom! Works fine on a Mac now!! :smiley:

Great work on the Satyr Tartan, I liked the flat idea :lol:

Bas Mazur: Mind sharing how you made it work on mac? (windows emulation?)

Mr T, latest version of X11 and a wonderful link from Tartan :wink:

@ Dreams, Thx for your comments. Tautological is such a tight word hehe I think spiraling the horn is beyond me right now but I Did think about it :slight_smile: On the lips , I am Still trying LOL
@ Mario, Man I want to see you POST! I miss seeing your work and if you post in the Main Z forum it will get lost too fast :cry: This program is suited to us :bulb: :+1: Take a little of Sculptris and a little of Z and create! and ummmm POST! POST! POST! :smiley:
@ Spiritdreamer Thx for the comments Spirit. I will be getting back to the centaur but I am still doing sketches of horse anatomy trying to get a feel for it. I suck at hooves altho my last attempt on the Satyr came out a Little better. I Hate fighting meshes also and as I said before that yes I can use Zspheres fairly handily but this program fits me better on form. It’s somewhat liberating isnt it? :smiley: :+1:
@ Mr. T Thx for the comment on It’s a Balloon. I am taking it back into the fold over in this thread. I will be doing more work on him but right now I am testing various mesh imports into Sculptris and trying to reproduce bugs in the hopes that it will help. I may have to take a break from that and start something new. Btw the Link to the Mac version Bas is using came from this very forum and I will bump it and keep bumping it for any stray Mac users and I am hoping that Pixilogic puts out a Mac version soon. Hopefully they will allow the version here to stay alive until then. Be Sure and thank LetoAtrell the Mac programmer. I dont use Mac being a PC user but I appreciate the work he has put n to the community:+1: :+1: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?t=91628

@ Bas Man I Knew the Moment that you got your hands onto Sculptris that good things were going to happen. You are very welcome. That sculpt I know didnt take long at all and its already prime. The way you suggest form and muscle underneath skin shows that classic artistic background you hail from. And if you did that in just a little while man… I can see in my Minds Eye the future :smiley:

I am just taking the Satyr back into the fold over in this thread. I enjoyed my small joke with him and hope that others got a laugh as well :laughing:

satyr 1.jpg

Is the above a screen grab from an aerobics video for mythological creatures or something? lol. What next? Gymnatsics for gorgons? A bench-pressing mermaid feeling the burn? I like it.

That’s a great head sculpt too, full of character. :+1: