Door of hell


Wow, really amazing! Great work thanks for sharing =)



Amazing scene! The roughness in your sculpts just add a dramatic feel to this piece So much to discover :clap:

I’d love to see still close-ups of some of the details and main figures in this. It’s spectacular work and one render doesn’t do it justice.


Remarkable! That video showing off the different angles is amazing. Extraordinary work! :+1:

Very powerful work , amazing ! Just curious - what is the meaning of the animals ( the giraffe, a monkey ) in this artwork ?

Simply Amazing!
The flow of this piece is stunning.

This is unbelieveably awesome!!! The video is so good!!! The poses, the lighting, the compositions - just wow!!!

The clay feel is very convincing - did you use custom brushes?

Top Row work… :sunglasses: :+1: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:!!!

awesome! :slight_smile: the video is also great!!!

Wow. Great piece, thanks for sharing

Beautiful piece, thank you for sharing!

I feel like I can stare at it for days and still experience new stories.

Just gorgeous. Thank you for posting.

Thank you very much for your appreciation.
I did use some custom brushes. I hope I can maximize the sculptural state in Zbrush:)

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There are indeed a lot of my own stories in it~


In fact, they are all humans, and they use animals to express a certain observation of human nature. It is my own perception of human nature.

Thanks, i think so too。:)

Yes, I hope to be able to relate more stories from different perspectives and produce the viewer’s own ideas.

I see. Thanks for explaining. Excellent work, so much to discover in it !