Dominance War 3 / Spark (slight nudity)

F A N T A S T I C ! ! ! :slight_smile:

Very cool stuff Spark!!! Deserved Top Row Man! :smiley:

NOW HERE ARE SOME BRUTAL STUFF GUYS -you are about to become my favorite here ,i like your style it looks somehow like mine .But i am like that witn ink and you are a cool 3D modeller WAW i reaLLY like rib cajes and belt straps and spikes and many many more detailed stuff ,keep up the great work friend hope we can work together some day :slight_smile: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

very awsome, i love it.

In the words of the great philosopher “Joey”……WHOA!

Really inventive work :+1: :+1: :+1:

Amazing work! I have a quick question. The dangling straps on the leather head-piece…were they extruded down that far in zbrush…or is that geometry part of the low-poly base mesh that you then manipulated and detailed in ZB?

Or did I miss something and you made this solely from Zspheres?

Once again…simply sick work. Keep it up.

Hey guy’s thanks alot for checking out the thread and I am quite excited to be up in the gallery amongst the talent there :slight_smile: .

Mradamw: Thanks for commenting, and heh I did do alot of small details so glad you caught them :slight_smile: And thanks for the dad congrats!
Onelung: Thanks my friend, preciate it.
Pummumu: Thank you :slight_smile:
Ior-Calin: The total Zbrush time was about a good week, and maybe a few days for reworking some things.
Tuddel: Preciate it :slight_smile:
Mobikins: Thanks for the post, and the compliments coming from you.
Liquidmesh3d: Thank you.
Brutikong: Thanks Alex, amazing piece on yours this year as well!
brettSinclair: Love your work man, so thankyou for dropping by and posting on my thread :slight_smile: and thank you for the dad congrats!, already have him working in Zbrush :slight_smile:
Nelothi: :slight_smile: Thanks
KolbyJukes: Thanks for posting Kolby, can’t wait to see some more work from you.
Neuroticgothguy: Hahah, glad you liked it man.
Alancamara/AA-ron/Industripop/Markkens: Thank you guys for the kind words and stopping by, and Markkens the upskirt would have been nasty, but then I would need to figure out his underneath anatomy and I wasn’t prepared for that :slight_smile:
SuperGlitcher: Yeah I lost quite a bit which I expected, but was having to much fun in Z that I just wanted to play.
Piz/4lorez/Nickz/Boozyfloozie: Thank you guys :slight_smile:
JJJenkins: They were created in the lowpoly basemesh, I was going to try and use a zsphere basemesh to get moving, but was trying to figure out alot of how the character would be in max so just brought that into Zbrush to do the details.
Again everyone, thank you for dropping by and for the kind words :slight_smile:

I like your concept, but I think the positioning of the sharp razor like teeth on the side of the body will prevent the arm of the character from moving freely. Perhaps you could shift them toward the back. Overall it is impressive, though I like the untextred model more. Good luck.

this is amazing…top notch modeling, texturing and concept…!!!..5* to ur work… :+1:

and cngrates on becoming proud parents…!!! :smiley:

Fantastic work and detailing. The end result is freaking wicked.

Best of luck with the comp :+1:


way to go getting on the highlight thread!!!


The Idea is Good

Good Luck! Johney Russia

great work

I love the demon fetus! We need more demon fetuses on the forums!

one of the best inspirations that i have see here!


Alex Oliver

way to go Brett this turned out really nice… creative as hell concept too…

Great work, Brett!


simply amazing! that skin face remember me the textures of some wall in DOOM 1 and 2 leves

Hey man!!!

I’m happy to see you on front page!
Congratulations dude, you really deserve it!