Diogo Reis sketchbook

Hi everyone from Zbrush Central. I’ve been working with 3D for a few years but I’ve never felt confident to share my projects on this site with so many amazing artists.

Now I’m creating a skecthbook to start sharing some projects and studies. Hope you like it.

Farnart of Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere


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Ruthie - Original concept by Mina Lee


Original Concept by John Polidora





Never felt confident enough? I guess that affects artists of all calibers, because you clearly are VERY good. Amazing pieces and informative step by steps there. Keep posting, I’ll keep watching.

Congratulations my friend, you deserve it!

I love the shapes you are building! Great stylization.
Also, minimalistic folds makes fabric looks so great and pleasureable. Really relaxing after seeing so much marvelous designer simulations everywhere.

dopepope - I think sometimes we need to believe more in our potential. Thanks! I’ll keep posting.

Herik - Thanks for the support my friend!

nebular - I have tried to improve my workflow in zbrush. I’m glad you like it.