Denzel Washington : Alonzo Harris

Denzel Washington is one of the greatest actors and also one of my personal favorites. So, it became an obvious choice for my likeness project. I decided to go for his role of Alonzo Harris in Training Day. I really enjoyed trying to capture the essence of the actor and movie character all at once. I started this project wanting to recreate the iconic shot of Alonzo outside. That was especially challenging as I needed to dissect the original screengrab in order to recreate the lighting setup in my Maya scene. The clothing was done by getting a very simple mesh from Marvelous Designer that I later sculpted over in Zbrush Geometry HD mode. The head sculpt detail was also done Geometry HD by hand with the help of Texturing XYZ alphas. The textures were done in Substance, ZBrush, and Maya. The hair on the bust and shirt were made with Xgen. The final renders were made in Arnold.
Thanks for looking!
01_denzel_portrait_black_02_or 02_denzel_portrait_black_03_or 03_denzel_portrait_black_01_or



Excellent work! training day Denzel W. :+1:

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Great work :slight_smile:

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Thanks! :smiley:

Training day Denzel! I love it :slight_smile: - thanks for sharing

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