David Barrero/ My recent works

awesome models!

These are gorgeous! What do you use for shading-texturing-rendering?

Hi, thanks everyone!

It depends on the project but most of the times I sketch everything in Zbrush with Dynamesh using as many references as I can. It gives me lot of freedom to focus on the character itself and making it work in 3d. At this initial stage i don’t smooth or polish much the surface. I prefer to see how the strokes flow making the volumes make sense, and having them helps a lot. Later I make the retopology. I like to have complete control over the edges loops ( to achieve the smoothness on the surfaces and make the model suitable for animation) so I make the whole retopo manually with Topogun. It’s a bit of work but worth it. Spent my initial years box modelling everything directly in Softimage so that gave me a bit of understanding on how important the topology is to make a mesh look clean and ready for animation. When the retopology is ready, I jump to Maya or Softimage to make little tweaks or finish some of the meshes manually. Uv’s are usually done with Unfold and tweaked manually if neccesary. All the characters shown here are rendered with Redshift, a recent Gpu renderer we’ve been using at Evilcorp for a while.

Hope this helps, wish I could go more into details, but I’m spanish and still work hard to improve my english.


Really cool images! Very clean models. :+1:

really amazing …thanks for answers

Wow! a Clinic on clean meshes! Love this very much! Thank you for sharing!

really cool characters… congrats for the top row

Love these! Congrats on the top row! Thanks for sharing your technique as well… really insightful, especially the hair. You did a great job interpreting the designs to 3D, well done!

Reaally great work … Thanks for sharing! :+1:

Hi David,

Fantastic pieces!!!

Could you post some of the “raw” z-brush sculpts also, please?

Would it make sense, in order to accelerate the process of your workflow, to zremesh your hires sculpts
just to get a good startingpoint, when you go to topogun.

Is Topogun still worthwhile? I guess its not longer developing since so many alternatives popped up.

keep them coming


Hi Jake, thank you! :slight_smile:

Yes, Topogun feels a bit outdated, I use 3d coat as well, but the workflow is mainly the same drawing the loops manually and using the strokes etc. I use zremesher with topology guides quite a lot too, and it’s fantastic specially in production when I need some specific quick retopos and efficiency is the key. But for characters faces I prefer to do it manually, once you’ve done some cartoon character retopos you find yourself repeating almost the same rules every time so it becomes quicker. As you said using zremesher is really handy and saves lot of time, but for me tweaking the automatic loops and polygon count would take a bit as well so I prefer to have control from the very beginning. There’s not deadline at all on these personal works so I can spend a bit of time on them. Building the puzzle from scratch is a good exercise to improve, and exciting too! haha.

I share a few sculpts here. As I said, these are mostly very rough sketches that I use to rebuild and refine the whole thing later. Sorry again for my english, Thanks!


…touch! :wink:

really dig the clean models!

Awesome work Ben. I thought your work looked familiar and it’s very Inspiring stuff.

Really it’s very nice and clean. Awesome character and like it very much.

Wow!!! What a nice work you have done. Really awesome. I love this character very much.

Awesome stuff man!

Love they style, and renders.

lovely style and execution:+1:

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: