Dastion's Modeling Practice (Ongoing)

I haven’t been posting here until recently and I felt hearing some opinions would help me improve my skills, considering that I plan to attend College for Game Art and Design. I appreciate any and all feedback on this particular piece. I shall post the previous attempts if requested.

NEW: “Critique Wanted”




Welcome Bastion :slight_smile: I think it looks great in form and the texture looks good also except you should confine it to the rock and go for a leathery brown on the sinew holding it in place. As for the handle you can go several ways with it but most natural would be a wood texture. also the sinew (leather straps should be wrapped down the handle at least partially) The way its set up now if you take a good whack at something the hammer head will fly off. Still in shape it looks great.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the textures need to be separate for everything, but I ran into a problem that caused the stone texture to cover the entire hammer, and I have not been able to fix the problem. Also, it’s Bastion with a “D” (Dastion). Sorry for the confusion there.

Edit: I fixed the textures. They should appear acceptable now.