Dark Surroundings I, II, III

Wel Wel, this is great verry Proff…
More of this please… :+1: :+1: :+1:



I like this render style, evoken can you share that technique or is it a Big secret? :slight_smile:

Hi Fouad
Just take the Zifworm digits script, + a good texture :slight_smile:
That’s all :slight_smile:

For the texture??? Pilou are you drunk ? :smiley:

un bon tuto. en Francais sur ce module, me serait bien utile, l’outil est devenu fort complexe. Et j’avoue ne jamais comprendre l’interface des scripts fait-main… Elles me donnent l’impression d’etre devant le pupitre d’un calculateur de la NASA … :frowning:

a good tuto. in French on this module, would be quite useful for me, the tool became strong complex. And I never acknowledge not to understand the interface of scripts fact-hand… They give the impression to me to be in front of the desk of a calculator of NASA…: (

Hi fouad
I never drink :rolleyes: Only Champagne :smiley:
Digits has made a super Doc very detailed (maybe more :slight_smile: on the first post of the thread about Zifworm :slight_smile:
For me the trunck with vegetation is a texture wraped in the zifworm.(or DoubleReflectedMap Material :smiley:
But maybe I am wrong :rolleyes:
The flower is possibly a zifworm membraning + rotating (possibility include inside the script)+ cool material
Have fun

Beautiful work!
My kingdom for your technique on creating the tree textures! Well not actually a kingdom, more like a small home in San Diego. And I kinda need to keep that for the kids, but I would still love to know your process in creating the tree bark.

Silly question for Flytrap,

do people still get caught almost daily in their bday suits by high tide at Black’s Beach? Hahaha I visited San Diego some 25 or more years ago now and that amused me greatly watching the nightly news.

Hi Evoken…these treelike pics are so beautiful!!
I love trees. When you’re in the woods with the wind and all…mmmmmmm…even better if you can hear the sea in rhe back!

Number III is on my desktop! It just replaced number II :wink:

Can’t you make some more?

There are going to be trees involved in my first Z-Project :wink: