Dark Mermaid - WIP (Nudity)

This is a sculpt I’m working on for a fully finished piece. It’s a dark mermaid and will have a modern twist on it by the time I’m finished. There are still quite a few things to fix and detail to add like scales, skin texture, etc.

I’d love some feedback please?




Your start looks nice! Curious toe see the detailed version :+1:

Thanks Bas Mazur! I love your stuff!

I’ve been tweaking the model and fixing anatomy. Also added the ropes and fish hook piercing, taking this in a slightly more twisted direction now.

Also added the eyelashes which I did with the fabulous new FibreMesh Tool. Good job Pixologic!

I was going to post the concept sketches for the finished piece but wasn’t sure if anyone wants to see them. They are 2D quick paints not 3D, but mostly so I can work the concept out in my head before I spend the time modeling in 3D. Let me know if you want to see them!

hi All,

I posted the final one here if you want to look!