D3v1lman's Zbrush Sculpts

Hi all.

Had meant to start posting for some time. finally for better or worse here goes :slight_smile:
I’d just like to say I’ve seen some truly inspiring work here over the years, so thanks for sharing and keep it coming!

OK so I made this one some time ago (about 2 years) whilst working at my last game studio, This was a concept for an unreleased game. Up until that point I’d been an Env Artist by day, working on characters and learning Zbrush in my spare time. These days I try to work ZB into my work pipeline as much as possible from high end to low poly, I love ZB!

Modeled/UV’d/Poly painted and rendered in Zbrush then Comped in PS

Any comments are welcome and much appreciated thanks





Fantastic 1st post D3v1lman. Welcome to ZBC. Your bust looks really great, Kudos.


Thanks Ezra!

Welcome aboard! Nice 1st post - the render looks great!

Looks Great!!

Hi! Finaly got around to getting this one in a half presentable state, Been working on it for a couple of weeks in my free time.
Hope you like it

All work done in Zbrush using dynamesh/claypolish/noise maker/Alphas etc
Rendered inside Zbrush and comped in PS

Any coments welcome and appreciated

Here’s a video showing the early steps of blocking out

Another quick sculpt I’ve been working on this week


Hi, Here’s a piece I recently worked on, originally started as look dev for work but ultimately was never used, I’ve slightly changed from the original concept adding some ink etc.
Hope you like, All comments welcome.

All modeled, textured and rendered in Zbrush


Had a spare few minutes to finish off a little fan art, hope you like
as usual Modeled and rendered in Zbrush, comped in Photoshop

Also a turntable rendered in Zbrush

Been working on this for a little while, Having fun making it 3d Print friendly.

Rendered in Keyshot





just Woow.great attention to details.;):wink:

Thanks Diablo!


Nice image. :+1:

Thanks Webhead :+1: