creatures and schtuff

i get too lazy around the ear area heheh…here’s another ear-less model (eventhough his ears are his most prominent feature).

just messing around with zbrush’s paint tools and some poor man’s compositing in photoshop to get some kind of look…

i am love the bat creatuer. i am gessing u have been inspired a lot by Carlso Huante. I love it. he is my hero. keep it up m8 its lookine grate.

hey gio, those 3d sculpts look awesome! great sense of volume, great details, top notch anatomy. Always a pleasure to see your work, really inspiring :+1:

ps: it would be very kind of you if you could give my your comment on my lastest 3d sculpts… here

I somehow missed this thread over the past months. Brilliant work Gio, but that is to be expected. I’m always excited to see your work. I hope you keep posting here! :slight_smile: Really love your rendition of the hulk

Hi Gio is just great see you here, your work is amazing, i love it…
keep posting…

maybe it would look better without that makeup. your mudbox bat is top notch, but this version doesn’t look very interesting.:confused:

ashley: thank you. carlos huante is also one of my biggest inspirations. definitely one to study when it comes to execution in amazing design and sculptural form.

ncollings: thanks man. at first glance they are all good works…anyone and everyone can always nitpick. if you want me to nitpick, lemme know and i’ll take the time to see what i think your strengths n weaknesses are. again, really solid work though from what i see in your portfolilo.

metric: thank you, i really appreciate it. hopefully i get enough time away from work and life to be able to do much finished sculpts. its kinda shameful that this thread has unfinished wips compared to a lot of the much more polished works here that kickbutt. anyway, its always good to share works, so i’m glad you appreciate em! :slight_smile:

thank you rafe. i hope to keep posting.

iatriki: fair enough :slight_smile:

indeed, would be very appreciate :slight_smile: . Let me know what you really think about them! I think i need to give more attention to the primary forms tho. Anyways thanks for your time Gio :).

just amazing Gio! really love your work!

Alex Oliver

ncollings: ill send ya a private message. give me some time to check your works over so i can give a proper constructive crit :slight_smile:

alexleia: thank you! much appreciated :slight_smile:

i’m in a painting mood this week…here’s an older model i did in mudbox, painted
in zbrush and did some photoshop layer treatment on top of the z screengrabs. just like to mention that this critter was inspired heavily by jordu schell’s works…

Wow. Great texture, Love the troll. And I see this one has finished ears! Haha. Fantastic work dude. More more! :smiley:

ok great thanks a lot gio.
by the way, don’t know if you are aware of that or not, but to get rid of the aliasing you can double size the “documentsize” then under the zoom menu press the AAHalf button. it will look much cleaner :wink:

Wow, excellent works Gio is great see you here!! :+1:

wow…amazing WorkS…thanks for sharing ! and great to see you here !

oh,he is so purdy! :+1:

Hey Gio… Its been 4 weeks and no sketch! I need my fix man :smiley:

You gotta have something lying around your hdd. haha.

Gio, Nice to see you around, these look great. characters are looking lived in, very nice.

great stuff man. really subtle forms and shapes. always enjoy your work!

Bryan Wynia


hello all…

long time no post. finally had some time from work to start sculpting again. here’s a quick sculpt i did in z rendered in modo.


here are zb screengrabs…