creating custom alpha brush question

Hi all,
I’m looking for some opinion/ideas redarding creating your own alpha brushes. What size of document(pixels or inches) do you work in; and at what resolutions?
Appreciate any ideas you have.

Hi Filament9 . . . :slight_smile:

To answer your question, I would think that your could use any size image you want to, within reason. :wink:

In ZBrush, there are some alpha brushes that are 128 by 128, some that are 256 by 256 and even one that is 1024 by 400. I guess it depends on what your going to do with the Alpha Brush. :rolleyes:

You can use the graphics program of you choice to create them. You can also use ZBrush itself to create them, & you’ll get a higher quality Alpha Brush. I have used in the past many different image sizes to create Alpha Brushes, so I don’t think there’s a particular size that’s recommended. The only thing that would be mandatary is that the image be a grey scale type. :slight_smile:

There are so many uses of the Alpha Brushes in ZBrush, that it’s pretty hard to give an exact answer. I would try experimenting with them & go from there. :rolleyes:

I hope this will help you in getting started with the “Alpha Brush” portion of ZBrush & have a good one . . . :cool: Mark.

PS: ( If you have any further questions, please ask them & someone will give you an answer.)

thanks for the info, Kruzr. Your answer did help, in that it cleared up some doubts concerning image size when creating the brush itself. I tend to work in fairly high resolutions, based on advice given by a graphic designer I know. Still… one must question what one is unsure of, yes?
Thanks again.

I will appreciate if you can help me:
I have a mask but when I try to put in the model selection>alp… the mask is to big for the model.
1.-How can I fit the mask just to the part of the model I want?
2.-How can I resize the mask, it is possible?
3.-When I applied the selection>alp to an object, which are the default parameter it has,let say doc size,or if it take into account the size of your model(I think this last Not)?
4.- I used one mask with 600x800 then resize 50 and 25% of the original size and it cover always the same area of the object and also is independent ot the size of the sphere you chosse. The only thing that happen with the lowest mask it is very blur.
Thanks very much for taking your time to help me.

you can resize a stencil but the mask you are painting onto the actual model…so I don’t think the mask is resizeable…

hi guys.
If I understood the discution well, Ron you can resize your mask by depositing it with the stroke “Drag rect”

Fouad, is that the mask…or are you talking about the alpha made to a stencil and then resized? Because I understand how to make the stencil from the alpha or texture…

If you can resize a mask, then that is something I am also interested in and didn’t know about. Thank you my friend :slight_smile:

I was seeing the tutorial in this link alpha mask
and there Zuzu stated

You can apply what’s called a ‘mask’ which can prevent certain areas of your object from being edited (either by color, material and/or depth change).

Method 1: Apply Alpha as automatic Mask!

  • With any 3D tool selected and in any Transformation mode (either Move, Scale, Rotate or in Edit mode), within the Tool/modifiers/selection panel click on “Alp” to apply a mask using the currently selected Alpha (in the Alpha panel).

Method 2: Apply Alpha manually as Mask!

  • With any 3D tool selected and in the Edit Move mode, hold the ‘Ctrl’ key, then click and drag to create a 3D projection of the currently selected Alpha image to be used as a mask.

Note: You can adjust your mask selection - such as ‘inverting’ or reversing your mask, and much more - within the Tool/modifiers/selection sub-palette…