Really cool concept and great execution too. It’s great to see something new like this.

I love the veins.

very original :+1:

Nice stuff:)Cool:D
I’ll waiting for your next step:+1:

Reminds me somthing I did for the Master and servant challenge of Cgtalk:

Great modeling !

:lol: insanelaughter:lol:
If that would happen to me on a monday morning…I would kick that little *****:mad:
Great Post men! Love the detail and all off that good stuff!Keep it up!:cool:

@habibity simply love it great modelling and concept

@gpepper i’m new to this forum but i participate in other forums and i think
that you should ask befor putting your own pictures in one others thread, if so
sorry, not that i don’t like your render but it really bites with the images of the thread

I think forums are created to share experiences, pictures… Putting my picture in this post was only to share what I’ve done and illustrate what I said. Where is the problem ? We are used to do this very often on this forum, I don’t think that will shock anyone…

Hey no worries.
I dont mind at all, this is an area designed for sharing.
I think the similarities are interesting…and I promise it was not an intentional rip-off :wink:

But thanks for the kinds words again y’all