Can't make my own Alpha library on Lightbox

To avoid using every time the import button from the Brush alpha channel I would like to put all my png or jpg alpha files to a folder and load them just by using the Lightbox.

What I do, is copy/paste the Alpha files I want into C:\Program Files\Pixologic\ZBrush 2020\ZAlphas\MyAlphas\

Then I open the Lightbox, go to Alphas, and double click the Alpha I want to apply to the Brush, but the problem is after double click it, it loads in to the brush as a texture, not as an Alpha.

I tried to convert it to Grayscale image mode, indexed, sRGB, 8bit, 16bit, png, jpg, and nothing works, every time it loads as a texture to the brush, and not as an Alpha.

Is there a way to create my own Alpha library and have it preloaded to avoid importing every Alpha in every file I work with?

In order for them to work in Lightbox, Alpha’s should be 8 or 16 bit Greyscale .PSD (Photoshop Document) files. Lightbox sees .jpg and .png as texture files.

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omg, you’re right, thanks a lot.

You’re welcome!   :+1: